Zhejiang University PhD student who did not graduate for 8 years delivers food, the litigant responds to dispute

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Meng Wei, a PhD student at Zhejiang University whose douyin alias is “A Food delivery man studying for a PhD”, has become an Internet sensation. His experience of delaying graduation and delivering food has sparked heated debate.Born from zhejiang university undergraduate course graduation in 2014 as a straight into the control science and engineering college, to eight years into its extension in the third year of graduation, and earn their livelihoods from delivery, meng has gain sympathy and encouragement on the Internet at the same time, also suffering from all directions of question: “why take eight horizontal topic without any scientific research?””Why didn’t My doctor publish a single journal paper in eight years?””Choosing to be a takeaway rider is graduation difficult or hype marketing”…The argument is heating up.Meng Wei has responded to this in interviews with a number of media.According to him, he was a doctoral student of Zhejiang University in 2014. He graduated from the School of Control of Zhejiang University with an undergraduate degree and minored in the intensive Public Management class of Zhu Kezhen College.Faced with the choice between the guarantee research of Chinese Academy of Sciences and the direct doctoral study of the university, he chose to pursue a doctoral study directly in the Institute of Intelligent Sensing of The Control College of the University under the guidance of Professor Zhang Guangxin. His main research direction is the research on the water quality early warning of urban water supply network based on machine learning and the solution of the current water quality abnormal diagnosis problem by using Smart method.Meng Wei once revealed in the short video that he took on too many horizontal projects during his doctoral study, and the work unrelated to graduation caused his depression, while his personal ability and energy were not enough to finish his doctoral thesis independently.After questioning, the tutor’s arrangement for him gradually diminished.Gradually, Meng Felt marginalized and even reduced to a “handyman”.Meng wei said he hoped his case could draw more attention to the group of doctoral students and the phenomenon of delayed graduation. “After all, this problem is a heavy pressure and burden for every student whose graduation is delayed,” he said.In an interview with thepaper.cn on April 2, Meng reiterated his goal of speaking out publicly: in addition to solving his own problems, he also wants to draw attention to the problems of delayed graduates.In view of Meng Wei’s public voice on the network platform, zhejiang University School of Control and Zhang Guangxin have responded.In an interview with Metropolitan Express, the School of Control at Zhejiang University said that the school’s leaders and mentors had recently had in-depth exchanges with Meng Wei and offered him humanistic care and help.Meng Wei attributed the reason for his graduation to his excessive participation in horizontal projects and insufficient guidance from his tutor, which was not objective. He ignored his own problems.The College respects and understands Meng Wei’s wish to continue his studies and obtain his doctorate after graduation.According to the school, pursuing a PhD is not an easy process. It requires a focus on the research objective, a focus on the study, the completion of the doctoral dissertation, and the completion of the doctoral degree application criteria.The college will actively provide support and help to Meng Wei according to relevant regulations of the university.According to the school, Meng Wei has not entered a good state of scientific research due to insufficient focus and investment in his research work in 2018.At the same time, he became interested in entrepreneurship in education and joined Hejun Business School.In view of this, the supervisor group suggested him to transfer to master’s degree for many times, but Meng Wei insisted on continuing to pursue a doctoral degree, and wrote a letter of commitment on October 31, 2018, in which he agreed on the investment in scientific research, condensed achievements and schedule.In 2019, Meng wei wrote and contributed two academic papers, which were rejected due to lack of innovation points and the need to add data.The tutor group gave guidance for many times and put forward suggestions for modification, but Meng Wei has not completed the modification task so far.The tutor group urged meng wei to transfer to master degree several times, but Meng Wei refused all the time.According to the school, meng wei and the tutor maintained communication during the delay period, and Meng Repeatedly made research plans, but it was difficult to implement them.The tutor group communicated with the parents many times, but the parents said meng Wei did not listen to them, and it worked.Zhang guangxin’s comment on Meng Wei is also consistent with the statement that “research work is not focused and invested enough, and has not entered a good state of research”.In an interview with Poster News, Zhang said he fleshed out Meng’s research mission around 2016, but later found he was making very slow progress in his research.During his studies, Meng actively participated in a lot of social work, and Zhang guangxin reminded him that social work and study are two different things.According to Zhang Guangxin, Meng Wei participated in many international competitions during his undergraduate years, won many prizes and performed very actively.Entering the doctoral stage, especially since 2016, when he began to do scientific research tasks closely related to his thesis, he gradually found it difficult to go deep into it. In his own words, he had too many goals but not enough implementation.Zhang Guangxin said, “PERSONALLY, I think the student’s independent scientific research ability is inadequate. He has many interests and concerns, but his focus on scientific research is not enough, not enough investment and not enough in-depth.”In response to the school’s response, Meng wei said he would not argue about who is right or who is responsible.He believes that “I should shelve the dispute and take the initiative to solve my problem”. In addition, “I also want to let the common problem of delayed graduation students be paid attention to, so that things can develop in a better direction”.And the relevant person in charge of institute of zhejiang university control previously mentioned “meng during Dr Delay bi, school funding stopped issuing by the regulation, research for paid jobs grants, learned that after the part-time take-away member also issued a temporary subsidy”, meng said “received two difficult allowance this month, respectively from mentors and school”.As for his future plans, Meng wei says it has always been clear that he will graduate first.He wanted the help of an academic mentor who could “nudge him a little bit”.Meng wei stressed, “I believe that with my ability and accumulation, I will soon produce results. I will try to get my doctorate as soon as possible and start to work.”In the meantime, he said, he will continue to work as a delivery man.- END – Source/The Paper news (reporter Jiang Ziwen intern Wu Xiaofan), legal network producer/Yu Yingbo