Youth shines in the struggle

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As the Beijing Winter Olympic Games draw to a close, many achievements have been made in the arena, and the emergence of young people is also the biggest harvest of China’s winter Olympic Games.When they went to the Olympic Games, the world saw a group of strength, ideals, positive, tenacious struggle, beyond the self of the Chinese youth, they showed the style of the Chinese youth in the Olympic Games.The brightest young stars of the Beijing Winter Olympics are Gu Ailing and Su Yiming.Gu, 18, became the first freestyle skier to win three MEDALS at a single Winter Games by winning two gold and one silver at her first Winter Olympics.Su, who just celebrated her 18th birthday, also won one gold and one silver in her first Winter Olympics.Gu and Su, who have been called “geniuses” because of gu’s outstanding achievements, have enjoyed a surge in popularity. They don’t feel like geniuses.To reach a new peak in their career at the Beijing Winter Olympics is inseparable from their hard work off the track.In 2020, due to the epidemic, su stopped her training, but she used the only leisure facilities in her community to practice skiing.To save more time, Gu finished all her credits a year ahead of schedule and focused on snowsport skills and physical training.Su Yiming “Talent 1%, effort 99%, talent may help you at the beginning, but in the later training, 99% is effort.I really did everything I could do.”Gu said.Su puts it this way: “If you have a goal, you must work towards it. You will get what you want. Hard work never lies.”China’s men’s skeleton bobsled made a historic breakthrough at the Beijing Winter Olympics, with Yan Wengang winning the bronze medal.This bronze medal is spelled out.Yan wengang was fourth in the men’s skeleton bobsled after the first three rounds.In order to stand on the podium, he decided to give it a go.In the end, the 24-year-old bucked the pressure with a near-perfect final run to clinch a historic bronze medal.Li Wenlong, 21, of Yan Wengang, was knocked off the track in the final corner of the men’s 1,000m quarterfinal and almost lost his qualification.Later, in the men’s 1,000m Group A final, he broke his skate and had to start again.Despite the frequency of accidents, But Li Wenlong never said to give up, and finally won a silver medal in the 1,000 meters.Kong Fanying, an alpine skier, has participated in 6 Winter Olympic Games and is one of the athletes with the most events in Beijing Winter Olympic Games.She gave it her all every single day and gave it her all.”I was very tired, but I was able to finish every match and have my name on it, which is something I am very proud of.”Kong Fanying said.”When I broke my back, I thought my Olympics were over.”That’s what Chinese freestyle skier Sun Jiaxu said after the men’s aerials qualification on Feb 15.Sun, a first-time Winter Olympian, injured his shoulder during training on Feb. 12.The coach asked him if he could continue, and despite the pain in his injured shoulder, he went on to qualify and finish the race.Although he failed to reach the final, he conquered himself.”I’m still young. Come back in four years!”Sun Jiaxu said.Sun Jiaxu also fought with injuries and freestyle ski slopestyle and big jump athlete Yang Shuorui.She broke her eye while stepping on the platform before the big jump and needed stitches, but Yang did not want to miss her first Winter Olympics because of the injury, so she competed in the big jump with the injury.She didn’t make it to the final, but she broke through.He still failed to qualify in slopestyle, but as Yang said, “If YOU can compete in the Winter Olympics, you have already won.”Young, born in 2002, made history by placing fifth in the women’s snowboard big jump on Feb 15.Jung made a mistake on his first jump, which was the most difficult he had ever done in the competition — a 1080-degree, biaxial spin — and scored only 29 points.In the second jump she challenged again and managed to score 85.75 points.”I just want to show the world that Chinese athletes can do such difficult moves.”Jung said.Jung also constantly challenged the high difficulty and li Fanghui and Zhang Kexin in the women’s halfpipe freestyle skiing final on February 18. Although they did not stand on the podium, they broke the difficulty again and again to challenge the high difficulty of 1080. No matter what the result is, they are the pursuit of perseverance to surpass themselves.In the world’s highest level of the Winter Olympic Games, they encountered setbacks and failures is a normal situation, which is also their valuable wealth of growth experience.Fearless of failure, China’s young athletes at the Beijing Winter Olympics will go from strength to strength and expect to be even stronger in four years.Han Yu, who was born in 2000 and is the youngest captain of any curling team, ended an “incomplete” Winter Olympics with the Chinese women’s curling team failing to reach the quarter-finals.From the field captain to the “bench” players, Han Yu felt lost, but she will not back down.”I’m the kind of person who gets stronger and stronger. ‘Give up’ is never in my vocabulary. My dream of becoming a world champion is not finished yet.Zhao Jiawen is the first Nordic combined athlete from China to qualify for the Winter Olympics. Standing on the stage of the Winter Olympics, he felt the gap, but this gap will be his motivation.”It may not be today, it may not be tomorrow, it may not be next month, but I will certainly wear the national flag and play the national anthem.”Zhao Jiawen said after the Nordic combined team ski jump big jump + cross-country 4× 5km relay on Feb 17.He Jinbo, 17, one of the youngest Chinese athletes, failed to qualify for the final in the freestyle ski slopestyle event.He jinbo sees a big gap between himself and foreign competitors in training techniques, daily work and rest, activity process and so on, which has become the direction of his future efforts.But he says three years of practice and being able to compete in the Winter Olympics gave him confidence.”We’ve just had a shorter run, and we’ll get better in the future, and the next Olympics, I’ll be even better.”Mr. Ho said.The Beijing Winter Olympics has created a valuable stage for every young athlete to show themselves, giving them more confidence, confidence and ability to break through and make history.The young generation has proved the future of Ice and snow sports in China, and the future of China.Source: China Sports Daily Photo source: Xinhua News Agency, China Sports Photo