How dirty were men’s braids in the late Qing Dynasty?The smell was disgusting and you couldn’t get near summer

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Many people may have the same answer as to what is the biggest impression of the Qing people. The first is that they entered the Central Plains as minorities. Since the pre-Qin period, only the Yuan dynasty and the Qing Dynasty have entered the Central Plains to dominate the world.The Yuan Dynasty was not as influential as the Qing Dynasty because of its short ruling time. The Qing Dynasty ruled China for nearly three hundred years, and it was also the most powerful period of feudal imperial power.The second is the most prominent characteristics of qing dynasty people, braids, Confucian advice, body hair and skin, by parents, how can easily hurt.However, the rulers of the Qing Dynasty did the opposite, requiring the Han people to shave their hair and stay in braids, leaving their hair and hair without leaving their hair, leaving their hair without leaving their hair, and there was a quite horrible period of time in the early Qing Dynasty.Among all the feudal dynasties, the Qing Dynasty was the only one with pigtails, so pigtails became one of the representatives of the Qing Dynasty. But do you know how dirty the pigtails of men in the Qing Dynasty were?The evolution of early braids in Qing Dynasty movies and TV plays often see the Qing Dynasty princes, elder brothers with thick braids, each heroic, but in fact is this the case?The braid of the Qing Dynasty also experienced a long time of evolution. At the beginning, the Manchu dynasty wore braids when it was still outside the pass. The ancestors of the Manchu nationality, as nomadic people in the mountains in northeast China, naturally depended on hunting for a living.Unlike Mongolia, however, the hair is often pulled by branches when hunting in the mountainous northeast.Therefore, the Manchus would shave off only part of their hair and braid it so that it would not be pulled when hunting.It was originally called the Money rat’s tail because it was very short, like a rat’s tail.And this kind of braid behavior has been continued until the Manchu Dynasty after the entry into the Pass, did not change, and even asked the Han people at that time to adopt such a practice.For the Manchu Dynasty, they had no body, hair and skin, and they did not care about shaving their hair because of their parents’ ideas. Their first shaving was just for survival, for life.Therefore, we cannot treat their behavior with the concept of Confucianism of han People, which is the cultural estrangement itself. Of course, after the Manchu Dynasty entered the country, it was not desirable to force the Han people to shave their hair and wear plaits.Therefore, in the early years of the Qing Dynasty, the anti-Qing forces were very strong. Apart from the exclusion of other ethnic groups and hostility to ethnic minorities, another important aspect was the unreasonable policies of the Manchu government, which made the Han people have no good impression on the Qing government.The qing government did not deal with it gently, but chose bloody repression, creating a large number of unjust, false and erroneous cases.This situation did not improve until Kangxi ascended the throne. During yongzheng period, han officials were promoted vigorously, which eased the contradiction between Manchu and Han.The qing government attached great importance to the revolt of the people. On the one hand, it suppressed the people bloodily, and on the other hand, it bought off some traitors to maintain its rule.Although say common people to take plait extremely to resist, but mostly be a few literati, to common people, the emperor who will do, have nothing to do with them, as a result the clear away of the person that a batch of revolt and buy, this kind of revolt mood nature also disappeared.In the period of Yongzheng, there were few people who resisted because of wearing pigtails. In addition, Kangxi and Yongzheng accepted the Han culture more and treated the Han people better, so the conflict between Manchu and Han became weaker and weaker.At this time of the plait is already not the small plait in the qing Dynasty, in the middle and later period of the plait is big and thick, hanging behind the head, like a tail of an ox, eye-catching.But this thick braid also brings a problem that is to take care of the trouble, for those dignitaries, with a special person to wait on, dirty braid someone to wash, take care of.But even so, the officials of the Qing Dynasty only washed their braids once for a long time, because every time they washed their braids, they had to break them up, wash them, and re-braid them, which was very complicated.So we see TV, qing dynasty people’s braids are very clean, neat, is completely inconsistent with the actual situation.At that time, even the emperor only took care of the hair once for a long time, and ordinary officials were very limited. As for the common people at the bottom, it was impossible to take care of the hair by themselves, thus a business was born — hairdresser.Hairdressers went from house to house to groom the hair of the middle and lower classes, but many of them only had their hair done for a long time because they were poor.Furthermore, to the people of rural areas, often a few months, half a year do not wash their hair, so the braids will become very unpleasant, especially in the summer, sour smelly smelly, disgusting, but due to the restrictions, most people do not have the habit of washing their hair.When westerners first came to China in modern times, they were attracted not by Chinese culture or economy, but by braids everywhere.On the streets of China, there are people with pigtails everywhere, which makes the foreigners’ eyes wide open, but that is not the point. If they keep pigtails, but clean and tidy, they will not be looked down upon by the Foreigners.But at that time, the Chinese people, dragging a big pigtail, smell bad, it is extremely unhealthy, so that people feel that the Chinese do not speak health, let foreigners very contempt.When he returned to the West, he tried to publicize all kinds of bad habits brought by Chinese pigtails, making pigtails become a reason for western people to discriminate against China.Since modern times, Chinese people with lofty ideals have been aware of this problem, and one of the many reforms they have advocated is cutting pigtails.The revolutionaries at that time all required to cut their braids to show their determination to resist the Qing Court. In fact, another important aspect was to let western civilization and culture into China.The a variety of inconvenience that braid brings a lot of people see in the eye, of the obstruction of the life, wholesome dirty mess is poor, because this cuts braid is correct choice.To sum up, wearing pigtails from the very beginning is actually one of the ways of qing Dynasty rulers to kill people’s resistance will. The ancients advocated physical hair and skin, and the mental oppression of parents, shaving hair and wearing pigtails, was actually more painful than the physical torture.After the Qing Dynasty entered the Pass and unified the world, in fact, this kind of pigtail was not needed long ago. The reason why it was retained and forced the Han people to wear pigtails was to improve the sense of identity of the Han people to satisfy, so as to stabilize their rule.