Why is eyebrow tattooing “not recommended” for girls?The expert “tells” the truth and is glad he didn’t follow suit

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Delicate is the important precondition for women, a delicate girl away from home will especially pay attention to their own image, in order to perfect image, by dressing up to go out to cover my own shortcomings, the advantages of the face to infinite amplification, like those who often makeup girl must all know the importance of the eyebrows to us, the eyebrows is the essence of the whole makeup look, play an important effect.There must be a lot of people know the importance of eyebrows for the face, eyebrows is directly related to our state of mind and temperament, the impact on the aura is also very important, in the entertainment industry, stars under the condition of no makeup shooting, will also draw eyebrows, after all, the momentum of eyebrows is very important.Eyebrows bring us special meaning of temperament, you know, in fact, thrush is not a simple thing, xiaobian because of the morning thrush, often late for work, for this is also named and criticized.Like xiaobian, this situation is also a big reason. Nowadays, the eyebrow tattoo industry is widely sought after by girls. Choosing eyebrow tattoo is more time saving and energy saving for us.You know, is it really all it’s cracked up to be?Why is eyebrow tattooing “not recommended” for girls?The expert “speaks” the truth, congratulates oneself does not blindly follow the trend!Xiaobian side has a typical case, there is a friend, often because of the early work, do not have a lot of time to draw eyebrows in the morning, so they directly choose to tattoo eyebrows, so that in the morning can also sleep for a while.Objectively looks very save time, late for a while is a good thing, but not for long, it was not long before my friend’s eyebrows appear fade, from previous light brown to blackish green color, when that happens, the friend go to beauty salon to solve the first time, never quite,The salon attributed all this to the friends, saying it was due to their physical condition, not their skills.In the end, this matter has not been solved, and then the friend went to wash his eyebrows overnight. This situation is also very big in real life, and the partners who often pay attention to the eyebrow tattoo case must not feel new. Such a situation has long been regarded as a common occurrence, and there is no surprise.In fact, the main reason for this problem is the beauty salon problem, in fact, beauty salon is a place of craft confusion, low threshold, as long as a little knowledge can be used, completely without strict standards, as long as the money to pay in the past, these small things are not what you say!Even if it’s not, the problem is with you. Would you dare to tattoo your eyebrows?Is it within your comfort zone?Eyebrow tattoos may look easy, but they’re not as bad for your body as they seem. Why are they a waste of time?So how do we choose?See here surely friends have this idea, eyebrow risk is too big, or choose thrush, even if it is a waste of time than the eyebrow strong, in fact, as long as choose the right thrush tool, collocation on the appropriate technique, you will feel eyebrow painting or pretty good.Xiaobian in thrush, use a variety of eyebrow pencil, but there is no xiaobian in Li Jiaqi live broadcast in the start of this eyebrow pencil is good, with this eyebrow pencil, you will feel that thrush is actually so simple a thing.This eyebrow pencil is different from the traditional eyebrow pencil, with a unique four-fork eyebrow pencil parting design, it is also very convenient to use, the eyebrows drawn natural and real, simple can draw a natural and delicate wild eyebrow makeup feeling.Four brush furniture is very uniform, between a pen can draw four eyebrows, not agglomeration, color, at the same time, the eyebrow pencil waterproof anti-perspiration effect is very good, so small make up also specially for you to do a test, meet with water on the good eyebrow, even there is still is in a state of delicate eyebrows, very suitable for the sisters love sweaty.Lasting no makeup, especially in the style and changeable society, this kind of eyebrow pencil also special caring for our all kinds of color, just to meet our different makeup style, to draw the natural delicate eyebrows, at this time they must start to try the effect of eyebrow pencil, cheap to use, natural delicate, very suitable for beginners to use, love beautiful you take the time to act!(the ping ping)