Send awards to drum morale, inspire police heart fight epidemic

2022-06-22 0 By

Since the COVID-19 prevention and control work began, all the police officers and auxiliary police of Qingyang Public Security Have given up their vacations and stuck to the front line, going against the trend, and a number of advanced models have emerged.In order to commend the advanced and encourage the police and auxiliary police to devote themselves to the front line of epidemic prevention and control with more full spirit and high morale, the precinct commended the advanced groups and individuals emerging in epidemic prevention and control work and gave awards to the door.On April 6, the deputy district chief, branch secretary of the party committee, wang Huang Bing entrust, branch, vice secretary of party committee, political commissar xue-feng cao, the bureau party committee member, deputy wang Yang yong, the bureau party committee member, deputy wang Liu Jianlin respectively to the it group and western royal, less city, thatched cottage police station, performed very well in the epidemic prevention and control work of advanced individual conduct give prize to the hillock,I would like to present certificates of honor to them and fully recognize their loyalty, responsibility and hard work in the new round of epidemic prevention and control, and encourage them to continue their efforts, conscientiously perform their duties, and resolutely fight the battle against the epidemic.