Say no to smoke cars!Linxia city public security traffic police brigade multiple measures to carry out the “black smoke vehicle” special rectification

2022-06-22 0 By

In order to further improve air quality, to win the battle against blue sky, according to the unified arrangement and deployment of the Municipal Party committee and the municipal government, Linxia city public security traffic police brigade in the city to carry out the “black smoke car” special rectification.During the operation, the squadrons of each jurisdiction implemented strict control on key vehicles such as agricultural vehicles, black smoke vehicles and construction vehicles whose emissions did not meet the standards by combining fixed points and patrols.Severe punishment shall be resolutely given to the muck trucks without sealing measures, the key vehicles that drive into prohibited areas in violation of regulations, and the key vehicles that pollute or commit other traffic violations.At the same time, the policeman on duty in the process of law enforcement for the driver to carry out the dissemination and education of environmental protection, told them about the harm caused by motor vehicle exhaust pollution, promote the “smoke” vehicle impact on the quality of air environment, education and guide the owners do not consciously “smoke” vehicles, increase awareness of illegal ACTS and the masses participate in the awareness of pollution prevention,We will mobilize all sectors of society to participate in the critical battle against air pollution.It is understood that the next linxia city public security traffic police brigade will continue to increase police, increase law enforcement, always maintain high pressure and strict control situation, to carry out high-emission vehicles, tractors into the city illegal rectification work, to protect the people’s safe travel, maintain orderly, safe and smooth road traffic environment.Rongmedia reporters here also remind the general public: blue sky, fresh air, smooth traffic, beautiful environment, these are our common aspiration and pursuit.Alleviate traffic congestion, reduce exhaust emissions, reduce fuel consumption, improve the living environment, enhance the quality of the city, accelerate the construction of ecological civilization, low-carbon environmental protection, green travel, start from ourselves, start from every little thing around us.Reporter: Zhao Qiaoling editor: Zhang Xudong Chen Caihong Ma Haiyan review: Zhu Lin Liao Weiyi Pu Jingjing sand teng