Dongying district: the market supply of adequate New Year goods volume price stability

2022-06-22 0 By

Qilu network · Lightning news January 30 – Spring Festival approaching, dongying district, the major commercial super organized in advance of supply, unblocked channels, increase supply, to ensure sufficient supply of goods during the festival, stable price.These days, in Dongying District Wangfujing Jiayue supermarket, a thick festive atmosphere.Looking ahead, we can see the rich variety of fresh dishes, a wide variety of fruits, Spring Festival couplets full of flavor of the word “fu”, the supermarket is rich in supplies, rice, flour, grain and oil, vegetables and fruits, dairy products and other goods, full price stability, everything.In order to ensure market supply and enrich residents’ “vegetable basket” and “rice bag”, Dongying district has taken various measures to ensure supply and price stability in an all-round way, ensuring sufficient supply and price stability of meat, vegetables and other important agricultural and sideline products during the festival, and ensuring that residents have a happy and peaceful Spring Festival.Gao Li, store manager of The Wangfujing Jiayue Supermarket in Dongying district, told reporters that on the premise of epidemic prevention and control, the supermarket has sufficient supplies to meet the living needs of the majority of residents to the maximum extent and ensure market supply during the Spring Festival.At the same time, the supermarket also did all kinds of promotional activities, launched a variety of poster goods and in-store promotional products, so that citizens have a comfortable and happy Spring Festival.Dongying District Commerce Bureau party secretary, director Xia Yongting told reporters that in order to meet the supply demand of residents during the Spring Festival, unblocked supply channels, improve the market early warning, build a solid defense line, the organization of life necessities for the exercise, to ensure that the key moment to adjust, supply.At present, eight district-level emergency supply enterprises have been identified, and daily necessities such as grain, oil, meat, eggs and vegetables can meet the supply needs of Dongying residents during the Spring Festival.Lightning news reporter Chen Haitao Dongying District Rong Media Center Yan Zhaotong Li Yihu Li Yixin Dongying report