Notice of Yangzhong People’s Court on Matters related to Litigation activities during the Current Epidemic Prevention and control Period

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Based on the current epidemic situation and requirements, to reduce the flow of people and gathered themselves together, and to protect people’s life safety and body health, protect the rights of litigation participants in the proceedings, maintain normal litigation order, by the research decision, since March 30, 2022 in our hospital service of litigation, trial and execution and complaint letters and visits and other related matters.The litigation service center of the court is temporarily closed.During this period, litigation services such as filing applications and information inquiry will be accepted by letter, network and telephone.1. The parties concerned may submit the filing application materials through the following channels :(1) mail offline.Please mail the application form and other materials to the filing court of Yangzhong People’s Court, No. 88, Xinyang Road, Sanmao Street, Yangzhong City.(2) Online filing.Please log in to jiangsu Court Litigation Service network (, Jiangsu Mobile Micro Court (small program terminal) and other online ways to handle filing applications and other related litigation affairs.2. Call 12368 litigation service hotline to provide consultation, case progress inquiry and other litigation services.Second, it is suggested to choose “Jiangsu Micro Jiefen” ( (PC end and small program end) to mediate disputes online.Iii. In principle, offline court hearings, inquiries and other litigation activities will be temporarily postponed, and the specific time will be notified separately according to the epidemic situation and prevention and control requirements.The parties or agents AD litem may also apply for a postponement of the hearing on their own initiative if they are being treated for novel coronavirus pneumonia, are in isolation or travel affected by the prevention and control of the epidemic.Iv. The Court will comprehensively strengthen the online investigation, control and handling of cases.If the applicant for execution finds clues about the person subject to execution and his property, he can report them to the court in the aforementioned online way, or he can call the hotline for reporting clues for execution (0511-88285016) to report.If the persons subject to enforcement are hospitals and relevant epidemic prevention and control personnel, or are involved in the production, transportation and supply of epidemic prevention and control supplies or their personnel, they may apply to the hospital for suspension of enforcement measures.During the epidemic, offline property inspection, control and disposal measures will be affected to a certain extent. We sincerely appreciate your understanding.The petition room of our hospital is temporarily closed.If you need to petition, please mail the petition materials to the case filing court of Yangzhong People’s Court, No. 88 xinyang Road, Sanmao Street, Yangzhong City, or submit the petition materials online through the “Online petition module” of Jiangsu Court Litigation service network.We will handle online complaints and letters in a serious and responsible manner, timely solve reasonable demands of the people in accordance with the law, and earnestly safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the people.Vi. The reception time of the Litigation Service Center and Petition Room of the Hospital will be notified separately depending on the epidemic situation and prevention and control requirements.Vii. Please pay close attention to the court’s wechat official account or public notice for matters related to the court’s litigation service, trial execution, complaint and petition.We hereby inform you.Yangzhong People’s Court March 30, 2022 Editor: Wu Bei Chen Xiong Review: Sun Caiping source: Yangzhong Court chief press sweep