Eldest brother shaves head to connoisseur treasure, say baby is false permanent stay baldheaded!After the expert appraisal, the boy was stunned

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In daily life, between husband and wife no matter meet what kind of things, should be to understand each other, and each other to discuss, so as to maintain the family harmony, if one party has a deception or concealing behavior, so may be the cause of the feelings between husband and wife not harmonious, it will cause bad influence to the marriage.So in the latest first gear to seek treasure column, appeared a Xinjiang eldest brother, he is facing a dregs thing, so he carries his wife, secretly bought a bead, and is borrowed 500 thousand, after his wife knows, the in the mind is very angry, the home also is making contradiction all the time.So today the eldest brother’s intention is also very simple, that is to let the expert see, this bead in the end lost.The treasure holder appeared to be humorous after appearing on stage, saying that if he was wrong this time, he would keep his bald head permanently. In order to show his ambition, he shaved his head before appearing on the show.According to the treasure holder, there was a box with the pearl, but once his friend saw it and bought it for 200,000 yuan, but thought it was fake, so he didn’t take it, which is equivalent to buying the pearl for 300,000 yuan.So what do the experts say when treasure holders say so much?After seeing the string of beads, the expert gave us a popular science on what is the pearl, and told the treasure holder that what he brought today is not the pearl, but the Buddha bead used in Buddhism.So what about this Buddha bead?Let’s move on.Experts said, although it is Buddha beads, but things are very good amber Buddha, amber is divided into several kinds, there are worm, blood, etc., then there is a kind of pearl is more precious, that is golden pearl.The color of this string of Buddha beads is yellow, and is crystal clear, so this is the best of Kimperi.Then have this string of Buddhist beads, also certainly not ordinary people, if this is not a Buddhist bead but a bead, can wear such a jin Po bead, at least is two products above the big member.Then after the expert said these, the host asked again, what dynasty is this string of Buddhist beads, according to the expert inferred that the string of Buddhist beads should be in the middle of the Qing Dynasty.And in terms of the current market price, the price of this string of Buddha beads will not be low, but also far more than the price of 300,000.Just after the expert said this, the treasure holder jumped to his feet excitedly, because his persistence was not in vain, and it proved that his vision was right.In fact, I think apart from these, the Xinjiang uncle is happy, because this baby is real, so the relationship between husband and wife has been eased and happy, after all, harmony between husband and wife is the most important!