Can instant noodles be brought on the plane? They can be eaten in the airport lounge, but there’s a reason they’re not recommended on the plane

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Instant noodles can be carried on the plane, it is allowed to carry items, but to comply with the air transport requirements: 1. The weight and size of carry-on luggage should not exceed the requirements of the flight, different airlines, different flights, different classes have different requirements;2. It is not recommended to eat instant noodles on the plane, because the cabin starts its internal circulation system during the flight, and the smell of instant noodles will affect the flight experience of other passengers.Instant noodles – lounge is edible, why not recommend eating traveling on the plane, is different from the dining at home, can be done according to your own taste delicious meal, although a lot of cities and scenic spots nearby have a very rich cuisine is optional, but still exists the phenomenon of all tastes, especially during the journey, such as:On the one hand, there are few kinds of meals. On the other hand, it is difficult to meet the unique needs of passengers. Therefore, many passengers like to bring instant noodles according to their own taste when they go out, but it is not recommended for passengers to eat instant noodles on planes and high-speed trains.One is the weight of the carry-on baggage, which should not exceed the requirements of the flight. Generally, a single carry-on baggage should not exceed 5 kg. Economy class passengers can only take one carry-on bag free of charge, and first class passengers can take two carry-on bags free of charge.The second requirement is that the size of carry-on luggage is required, and the three sides should not exceed 55 *40 *20. Instant noodles take up a lot of space, so the number will be very limited.2, do not recommend eating instant noodles on the plane, the airport lounge provide hot water not only, also selling instant noodles, passengers can freely here eating instant noodles, but in the process of flying, is generally not recommended for passengers to eat bubble surface, there are two main reasons, one is harm others and ourselves, one is influence others to experience:One reason is that eating instant noodles requires a lot of hot water. If passengers use instant noodles with boiling water in the air, they will be hurt to passengers and others when they encounter turbulence.Another reason is that instant noodles have a strong smell, and the plane is in the internal circulation system during the flight, so it is difficult to give off the smell. If one person eats instant noodles, everyone in the cabin will be affected, which is an uncivilized behavior. After all, it is a public place.Cabin booking air tickets, an option can solve the problem of meals often fly travel companions, must have found that the plane provide meals, usually only two kinds of line selection, rice and noodles, some of the passengers to eat not accustomed to, or is a vegetarian, in fact, while buying the ticket, passengers can leave a message is put forward its own special requirements, such as:Vegetarian meals, as long as the flight can meet the conditions, basically will provide us;When we buy the ticket, if forget fill out their own meals in the note requirements, so don’t try so hard, can call the airport customer service phone or airlines customer service phone, also can put forward their requirements, but time must catch, can’t wait to start the check-in formalities, only this time is too late,At least one day in advance.There is no need to carry instant noodles with you when you go out by plane, because there are sales in the waiting halls of major airports, and the hot water supply in the waiting halls is very good, and the price of instant noodles is almost the same as those on the market. The main reason is that instant noodles occupy a lot of space.Tea and boiled water are provided on the plane, but the containers are very small, usually no more than 100ml. The instant noodles we often eat require a lot of boiled water, so they are not suitable for use on the plane. This is also one reason for banning the use of boiled noodles on the plane.In addition to instant noodles, durian, stinky tofu and other smelly food are also forbidden to carry and eat on the plane, which should also be noted by friends. If you want to eat instant noodles, you can eat them in the airport lounge, if it is a stopped flight, this choice is also good.