85-year-old Ma Yuqin responded to the theft of her account by her son

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Ma Yuqin, 85, is one of the oldest Internet celebrities in the short-live video streaming industry. Ma and her husband usually livestream and dance and sing together to earn a living.For Ma yuqin, the short video account is their life, with video income, they have the capital of life.On the Internet platform, however, there have been a young in yu-qin ma and yu-cheng li video, and the bank account is also yu-qin ma and yu-cheng li originally, but was able to see from the content, this is video inventory account, and the content of the winter still send yu-qin ma wearing short sleeve dance, last is the content editor again before use.According to insiders, the man in the account is Ma Yuqin’s son, the son stole the couple’s video account, put all the money in their own, which let Ma Yuqin and Li Yucheng opened a new account, continue to do video.If it is really her own son, that such a child is really unfilial, keep son for old age, the son has scraped away the mother’s pension money, too much.In the comments section, 85-year-old Ma Yuqin made a rare response to the theft of her account by her son, urging him to get the money back and call the police to recover the money and account.To this, Ma Yuqin said there was no matter, they just talk nonsense.Ma Yuqin responded that she had not been cheated by her son, but she never posted a recent photo of her son, and there was no content of her son’s filial piety.In fact, the son is no longer ma Yuqin’s side, but Ma Yuqin as a mother, or the first time to protect their children from harm, really poor world parents heart.For Ma Yuqin, there is a point has been suspected, that is about the relationship between husband and wife, whether there is really love?Two people regardless of the outside world controversy, still open live with goods, even more than before, two people are just talking about daily, live every day, two people do not have what education, there is no so much to say, the old meme do not know how many times, there is no much laughing matter.But two people to the camera, or hard to grin, seems to be very happy appearance, but there is no much smile in the eyes, after all, just and into the live broadcast of the netizen to say hello, there is no happy, the netizen said: Li Yucheng simple and simple smile, skin smile not smile, hard extrusion smile, a look will know.In fact, in order to make money, there is no smile, two people need to live, especially old age, more need to make money for the elderly, the elderly are easy to get sick in hospital, need to spend a lot of money, in order to make a living, can only squeeze out a smile.Although there are many people doubt their love, but personally, they are the choice of each other, complement each other, is also a fate.After all, fate is such a thing, no one can tell.What do you think about that?