Review of Schindler’s List

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Those of you who have seen the film know that it was shot in black and white throughout.The only color is the girl in red.Schindler was also a member of the Nazi Party. He lived a luxurious life, was tall and handsome.He planned to make a fortune from The second World War, when Jewish labor was the cheapest and jews worked hard, making it schindler’s best hire.But the Nazis had no mercy for the Jews and would not stop until they were killed.Schindler’s last vestige of Nazi disillusionment was shattered as he watched from the top of the hill, on horseback, as jews were slaughtered.In the bloody streets, in the ghetto of pleading and despair, Schindler saw a girl in red running and hiding.The girl in the red coat hid in the house, and he wondered if she had survived the attack.Red, does it represent hope or despair?Schindler saw a blush of red among the corpses being dragged and burned.In the war, some people struggle to survive, some people watch the drama with bare hands, some people kill people, some people plan to save people.I especially remember when people came to examine the Bodies of Jews, biting their fingers and smeared their cheeks with blood in order to make their faces look red.Law of the jungle, this is no matter in what environment, will not disappear the rules of the game.Steyn was also impressive. He ran the factory as Schindler’s accountant and assistant, carefully watching the characteristics of the workers he recruited and doing everything he could to make a living for the applicants, lest they should be put on German trucks and never come back.He was a Jew, too, but he didn’t live alone, he was dying to protect his fellow man.His thoughts and patterns were beyond the reach of ordinary people in his small frame.Now a popular saying goes, “The richer people are, the stingier they are.”Many rich people regard money as very important.Of course, there are people who regard money as dirt, but there is nothing wrong with money itself, and there is no need to hate money.Schindler loved money, but his character was priceless.At the end of the war, looking at the more than 1,000 Jews he saved, he still regretted that he had not done enough. At the beginning of his extravagant life, he spent money like water. If the money had been used to save people, more Jews would have been saved.He thought that his car, his ring, would increase the number of Jews standing here.Corpses everywhere, rivers of blood, in the Jewish massacre scene reflected incisively and vividly, let a person shocking.War itself is not won or lost, because the lives lost cannot be defined in simple terms.There is nothing more to be regretted than that innocent and precious lives, those ideas which have been nurtured by time, are lost in a moment under the gun, under the sword.