Friendship is special!Sherbakova ice cream Cap: Thanks for the gift from Jin Boyang

2022-06-20 0 By

Beijing time on February 16, the news, the Beijing Winter Olympics women’s figure skating short program held on the night of 15, the “three children of Russia”, the 17-year-old Serbakova in the “three children” in the finale.Before Serbakova’s appearance, teammate Valieva scored 82.16 points in the first place.Another teammate, Trusova, made an obvious mistake in the first jump and scored 74.6 points.When “little daughter” Serbakova appeared, all seven technical judgment lights were green, commentator Chen Ying praised: “This is a flawless program!”Serbakova scored 80.20 points to advance to the free skating stage on The 17th night in second place.After the competition, Chinese men’s figure skater Jin Boyang, who was there to watch the competition, gave Sherbakova bing Dwen dwen hat as a gift.Serbakova later posted a selfie on the social media platform in which she looked cute in a bing Dun hat from Jin Boyang, with the caption: “The women’s singles short program is over!Thank you Kim Boyang for the lovely gift!”It is reported that the hat jin Boyang gave To Serbakova is the same type of hat he shared on social media a few days ago.