Barcelona are the laughing stock of Europe!130 million geniuses are hanging around, muddling through life, and Harvey is still pleading for him

2022-06-20 0 By

The story between Barcelona and the team’s 130 million talent Dembele is like the plot of a TV drama.The two sides have been at odds for almost half a year, but dembele and Barcelona have yet to clear the air.Barca’s current plan is to sell the French winger for 20 million euros at the winter window, but Dembele has proved so damaging that he has asked his agent to let interested parties know he can be signed in the summer when his contract expires.The transfer fee can then be used as his signature fee, which is quite damaging indeed.Barcelona couldn’t get rid of him.Now barca will simply have to let the French genius continue to languish in the stadio olimpico, paid to sit in the stands every day.Dembele will only be allowed to train with the squad but will not be carrying out any match-related duties.But Barcelona coach Xavi also became a laughing stock this time, he actually still in Dembele’s plea.He wants to keep the Frenchman in the game and believes dembele’s qualities are irreplaceable in the current squad.Xavi is still in talks with the board to get Dembele back in the game.”Barcelona has been completely turned into a laughingstock, a passive player, xavi treats him like a treasure, are so publicly exposed.There is nothing the team can do about him.However, it is also Barcelona’s own choice, when Dembele in order to join Barca, Dortmund was out of training, now it is Barcelona’s turn to suffer the consequences.There is no chance of dembele being traded, and it is unclear how well barca’s winter arrivals traore and Aubameyang can play.