Human goodness

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We all have to go through a period of trying to shut up and not complain so we can shine and go to cooler places and be cooler people.”The news that has been written and deleted is the unspoken truth.””It’s hard to wait for someone. I don’t know how long I have to wait, but I don’t want to let go.”Who has not braved the wind and rain and doubts to become what they want to be?””There are more than six billion people in the world, but at some point, one person can outweigh a thousand armies and a thousand horses and four seas.””Your one like, let me into the play for a long time.””It’s no use waiting. He has no place for you.”Someone’s gonna be nice to you, and I’m gonna take the hot life, even though it’s hard.”When you really like someone, you think a lot. It’s easy to do and say stupid things.””Make you really tired is those unhappy memories and the uncertain future memories together Avoid not to open the company in the future Let you every day is the deep inability to “” the world’s most lonely place, is a man’s heart, if you know that everyone has a lonely, you don’t mind to accept lonely as a part of life,And bear with it.”Time, distance and forgiveness make some things clearer, make some feelings clearer, make everything calm.At present, there is no relationship that I particularly want to maintain, and nothing I want to get. People who approach do not resist, people who leave do not retain, and people who eat a little loss do not care about.We can either be happy and sweet together, or we can’t be alone.Single but lonely, will be torture.Low quality love, not as good as high quality single, otherwise why love, rather lonely, can not compromise.People with different views cannot be friends. Just like when I said the sea was beautiful and you said many people died in it, I took my heart to you, but you took my heart to me, but I can’t afford to hide. “When you have experienced the difficulty of making money, emotional setbacks, the waste of career, the pain of birth and separation, you will understand:No one is extra blessed by fate. When you feel easy, someone must be taking the hard part for you.”Mood is like clothes, dirty take to wash, sun, sunlight will naturally spread.The sun is so good, why bother, live every moment, ten thousand beautiful future arrived but a warm now.Life has a hundred ways to pass, other people’s story no matter how good, always can not tolerate you.It’s up to you to live your life.Time can be a great liar, but it can also make you understand that there’s nothing in the world that you can’t lose. Cherish what’s left and what you can’t get isn’t important.Cherish the person who says good morning to you every day, not who just open their eyes can think of you.Save your love for the right people. Reduce boredom. Take more exercise and get more sleep.If you do it knowing it will hurt you, such malice and stupidity alone should not be forgiven.What has come to an end, rebirth is just another death.Like all the beginning, in fact, is only a well written ending.From now on be sweet and hard and stay and roll I never doubted the sincerity of the promise at that moment but human nature is so deep and complicated that AFTER thousands of years I’ve become able to understand everything and I can no longer believe anything.”The so-called life is like this, just like the seeds of plants are blown away by unexpected wind, we wander in the accidental land.Don’t pretend if you don’t like it, and don’t force if you don’t like it.Life has been so not easy, why hard yourself.You see, if you don’t work hard, in addition to the age is rising, hair becomes less, appearance becomes old, you can’t afford to buy or can’t afford to buy, you like the people still have nothing to do with you.Not how much a person has, but how much a person can give you;Not how good a person is, but how good he is to you.Most of the time, we have no control over where this whole thing is going.Only in every detail before do think the right choice, this is helpless, but also comfort.”If you’re not happy, go out. It’s a big world.The scenery is beautiful, the opportunities are plentiful, and life is short. Don’t curl up in one shadow.”There are always some days, the wind is a little big, the rain is a little urgent, the sky is a little dark, people are a little tired, and the foot of the sand a little more.Maybe I don’t know how to let myself safely through this section of the road, but I think, as long as I still want to go on, all the experience, finally, are just passing.I built a wall around myself, so that no one could get in and I tried not to let myself out.I want to be obedient, I can not casually like a person, I have grown up, I want to learn to understand a person, to love a person.Good-tempered people do not easily angry, does not mean that will not angry;Just because someone with a nice personality is playing dumb doesn’t mean they don’t have a bottom line.”Growing up is a process of growing up alone. You have to get strong and be on your own.If one day you stop looking for love, just love;You no longer want to succeed, you just do it.You no longer pursue general growth, just begin to cultivate their own character;Everything in your life has really begun.Life is your own, not live for others to see.Don’t care too much about what other people think, don’t get lost in what others say, follow your own path, just be yourself.In this life, I wish you a vigorous and green life, not tired by the eyes of others.I used to think that a person’s affection and dependence from existence to nonexistence would be a process of gradual reduction, but the fact is that it will suddenly be reduced to zero at a certain moment or even a moment. When I feel that you are distant from me, I will say to leave first, because my self-esteem does not allow me to be abandoned first.Being wronged is almost the fastest way for a person to grow up. What he eats is wronged, and what he gets after digestion is pattern.I’m here to make sense of things, to meet interesting things.”If you can’t please the world, please yourself first.Don’t wait to be old to know that it’s never too early or too late to be good for yourself.”Sometimes it’s not that the ending isn’t good enough, but that you’re genuinely not treated well.” “In the adult world, there’s no lasting champion. Your greatest champion is your hard work and independence.In this way, your kindness is precious.””Your biggest regret is not to miss the best person, but to use up the best of yourself when you meet someone better.”I hope to be the kind of person who will cherish the sunset and the morning light to capture the beautiful moments of life even if she is lonely, sunny or cloudy, no matter whether she is loved or not. “Be lonely, you will find yourself when you lack everything.” “Bad mood will always pass, be optimistic and happy.Good things happen to you as long as you’re alive.”I’m the kind of person who goes to bed late and takes advantage of my cell phone when there’s no one to talk to. Life strikes you as an achievement rather than an acceptance that “life is too short to let an unimportant person affect your important mood.”A lot of crashes actually happen in silence. You sit there and you don’t move, and your inner world crumbles and crumbles.Sometimes I hate myself. I can’t speak, I’m too kind, and I don’t have a heart.You are too tired, the main source: you are too sensitive, and too soft.The adult world is about being decisive and simply not delaying anyone, not consuming anyone, not wasting anyone. And that’s a kind of kindness