High stage: Spring Festival “clock-in” near outing to share a leisurely good time

2022-06-19 0 By

During the Spring Festival, people in both urban and rural areas of Gaotai county chose to celebrate the Spring Festival on the spot, taking advantage of the fine weather to enjoy leisure time in the surrounding scenic spots.Warmer temperatures and higher sun make it a good time to travel together.In the wetland Park, many people brought their families to play, walk, enjoy the scenery and take photos. The whole park was filled with joy and peace.Xu Zhilin, a citizen walking in the park with his children, told reporters that he wanted to look around and see the changes in his hometown when he came back for the New Year.Citizen Xu Zhilin: “Gaotai as my hometown, after coming to Gaotai to accompany my parents for the Spring Festival, to the wetland park here, no matter the construction or the environment is more beautiful, more beautiful.”At Great Lake Cove Ice Park, the winter chill didn’t dampen anyone’s enthusiasm for skating.Ice skating, ice cycling, ice sled and other colorful ice sports not only let the citizens feel the charm of winter sports, but also ignited the enthusiasm of the masses to participate in ice and snow sports.Citizen Zhu Jianlei: “Now in addition to visiting relatives and friends, let children experience these sports skating, can make children’s life rich and colorful.”These days, in the winter warm greenhouse of Kangcui Vegetable Professional Cooperative, you can see the thick green branches and leaves, and the bright red strawberries are dotted among them, which are very attractive and full with bright red color.Groups of tourists flock to experience the fun of picking.Tian Huiling, head of Kangcui Vegetable Cooperative, said, “During the Spring Festival, there are more customers picking these days. More than 100 customers come every day, and the daily income can reach about 6,000 to 7,000 yuan.”This year’s Spring Festival, gaotai county, the masses consciously respond to the local holiday call, travel intentions cautious, with “travel and walking baby” as the main leisure way of family travel into travel “protagonist”.The 7-day holiday tourism market is stable and orderly, and there is no epidemic report, no major tourism safety accidents and major tourism complaints. The four unified goals of “health, safety, order and quality” have been achieved, and good economic and social benefits have been achieved.(Reporter: Zhang Yamei, Wang Yamei)