Beijing is swept back home, Fan Ziming does not exist, Qiu Tian is the real thigh

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Hello, everyone, I am the north lime, you should form the habit of praising before reading!On April 4, the second round of the CBA playoffs continued, fans are very concerned about the Beijing Ducks and Jilin team’s second match, the last time the two sides met, through the jilin team’s small foreign aid Jones shot, Beijing Ducks lost to the opponent 102-104, from that game can be seen.The strength of the jilin team fans there is no imagination in so weak, although their rotation players rarely, there is nothing in the league’s top stars, but with this squad, jilin team defeated the Beijing shougang team once, everyone said before the playoffs Beijing shougang team strength is very strong, but just now, do not underestimate the jilin team in the playoffs,After all, they have not broken through the first round for so many years, jilin team is not afraid of losing.Holding this momentum play attitude, jilin team in the second game against Beijing shougang team with perfect performance, they to a 80-75 victory over the opponent, Beijing shougang team directly by jilin team 2-0 sweep back veteran, jilin team even after a game of time to rest, to prepare for the game against guangsha, jilin team even unable to beat guangsha,This season has also been very successful, the winning team broke a 20-year record, jilin team finally broke through the first round of the playoffs.Before the start of the both sides of the match, a lot of fans think jilin team won’t be Beijing shougang team of rivals, when everybody’s view is consistent, Beijing shougang team is a team for the playoffs, and the team of Fang Shuo, Zhu Yanxi, ZhaiXiaoChuan, Wang Xiaohui these players of playoff experience is very rich,Most fans thought Beijing Shougang would have knocked Jilin out of the tournament 2-0 because it had scored a big double over jilin in the regular season.But the result is Beijing shougang team double eliminated by rivals, the so-called playoff experience doesn’t have any effect, the team of several veteran in stroke, all feel they are not ready to playoff game, Beijing shougang team for the fans feeling is not a native of core points, scored really come to a critical moment can only rely on foreign aid,Even though the Beijing Shougang team had four foreign players, they lost to jilin, which had only one foreign player, and the team had its own problems.In fact, the fans have been seen before, Beijing shougang team signed four foreign aid actually has no meaning, foreign aid is need match time to find the feeling, otherwise they can’t play out their own strength, the new foreign aid brown did not even attend Beijing shougang team playoff game, he lay directly to lose two games,Brown’s contract is up for the season, and the Beijing Ducks will have to return home to prepare for next season. The team will need to consider rebuilding during the offseason.Beijing shougang team player ZhaiXiaoChuan second message from Beijing shougang team post player Fan Ziming, this season Fan Ziming experienced high low open, the first phase of the regular season, he averaged can scored 18 points, was the top post player in the league, but with the game, Fan Ziming state worse and worse.After all, the first phase of the regular season, most teams in the league big foreign aid, Fan Ziming when facing many local post player can play the advantages, the second phase of the regular season began, a lot of teams are the introduction of foreign aid, this time Fan Ziming is hard to hit too big advantage, he in data is very normal things.But let the fans are not regular season period are hardest to understand Fan Ziming decline in the state of this matter, but in the playoffs, he became simply won’t play, the jilin team frontcourt players in the squad is weaker in the league, by definition Fan Ziming should be able to play the very strong dominance, but the fact is that his presence is very low.In the second game against Jilin team, Fan Ziming played a total of 20 minutes. He only got 3 points, 3 rebounds and 2 assists. Fan Ziming’s positive and negative value was -13.Before a lot of fans think Fan Ziming have the opportunity to become one of the core of Beijing shougang team in future, but in the playoffs this season his performances, it seems, Fan Ziming also need a long time, the growth of his responsibility, cannot take on the team at the offensive end, in short, Fan Ziming now or will be clear about their abilities.Beijing shougang team post player Fan Ziming third message from the train for Beijing shougang team post player high days, compared with those of Fan Ziming against jilin team, high day’s performance, better still, for all his fame not Fan Ziming then, but the high day play very hard, look at the game fans will have a feeling,That is qiu Tian is the team inside the real thigh.The last game Yanis did not let Qiutian directly into the team’s roster, there were fans questioned his arrangement, Jilin team is a team good at fast attack, as long as the Beijing Shougang team attack, Jilin team will immediately launch a counter attack, so the faster inside player is best to use.Beijing shougang team inside the fastest player now is high days, his athletic ability is relatively good, Li Muhao and Fan Ziming speed is not particularly fast, they find it hard to adapt to the jilin team offensive rhythm, so use the dome day post player is more correct method, obviously high day of play is also very good.Qiu tian had eight points, five rebounds and one assist in 24 minutes of play. Although qiu is not a major offensive player for the Beijing Ducks, he is the team’s top scorer in the post, and more than the other three combined.Beijing Shougang Team wants to defeat Jilin Team, first of all, they need to obtain the advantage of the inside, they not only need to press the opponent on the rebound, the grasp of the inside attack must be better, otherwise, Beijing Shougang team will be swept out by the opponent like now, they must think about the tactical problems.Beijing shougang team post player high day this time Beijing shougang team is on the jilin team swept out yanni need to undertake certain responsibility, at the end of a life and death battle, he is not willing to use brown, then the team will he sign is meaningless, brown the guarantee of a foreign aid is the upper limit of Beijing shougang team, but he even couldn’t get into the roster in the playoffs.Of course, it is not to say that Brown’s appearance of Beijing Shougang team can beat Jilin team, but it was at least a try, Beijing Shougang team was already 0-1 down, they had no way out, rather than using the foreign lineup, it is better to make some bold attempt, Yanis did not have the courage.I am Beining, a female fan, follow me and get more CBA information!