Zhengzhou Zhongyuan District Zhongyuan West Road law enforcement squadron strictly check the occupation of business to create a clean environment

2022-06-18 0 By

The economist – In order to further strengthen the city environmental health, for the general public to create a clean, beautiful and orderly environment, city of zhengzhou city zhongyuan district urban comprehensive law enforcement in zhongyuan road urban management law enforcement squadron joint office increase peak time patrolling, strong-arming behavior before and after the peddler night patrol.For strong-arming peddler often associated with the characteristics of the law enforcement “amazingly, especially at night sections of the road there are food stalls presence instruction in business, there is a big security hidden danger, zhongyuan district urban comprehensive law enforcement in zhongyuan road law enforcement squadrons sections of strong-arming phenomenon is more prominent: YingHe, apricot bay road, river road as a key control, the phenomenon of strong-arming precision strike at night.At the same time, law enforcement officers patiently and carefully explain relevant laws and regulations to vendors in the process of rectification, explaining the urban chaos caused by traffic congestion and garbage littering caused by road occupying operation.Next, the law enforcement squadron will improve the frequency of inspection, to occupy the way of business, business outside the shop to take the combination of dredge and block, guide its to the planning area to standardize the operation, and to the persistent persistent resolutely investigated, no tolerance.(wang sheng)