Yuanjiazhen: new chapter of financial and tax revenue spectrum of industrial transformation

2022-06-18 0 By

In recent years, Yuanjia Town actively responded to the county Party Committee to create “resource-based industry transformation and upgrading demonstration area” requirements, combined with the actual town, vigorously promote the development of flue-cured tobacco planting industry, alleviate the pressure of the town’s financial expenditure.Before planting, the Party Committee and government of Yuanjia Town closely related to “which village is suitable for planting tobacco, which model is adopted to promote planting tobacco, and how to increase the collective economic income of the village by planting tobacco” and other issues, cultivating the main body of flue-cured tobacco planting scientifically, learning and implementing advanced measures of flue-cured tobacco planting, taking measures in accordance with local conditions and taking points to promote the sustainable development of the flue-cured tobacco industry.In 2021, Yuanjiazhen will pilot flue-cured tobacco planting in Wutang Village and Pantou Hefen Natural Village.Through the signing of agreements with farmers, in the way of land circulation, the development of flue-cured tobacco planting area of 420 mu, for yuanjiazhen people’s government to create tax 373,600 yuan.In terms of supporting facilities for tobacco, 102 new tobacco houses and 12.6 kilometers of cultivable roads have been built.In 2022, more than 1,240 mu of flue-cured tobacco will be planted in Shuiwei, Shuangyue, Zhuxiang, Daxing and other villages, which is expected to create more than 1.1 million yuan of tax revenue.It is reported that Yuanjiazhen will also expand the area of flue-cured tobacco planting in Yuanjiacun, Shangdong Village, Tongjing Village, Pantou village, Caotang village and other places, and strive for a total area of flue-cured tobacco of more than 2000 mu, to provide strong support for industrial transformation.The copyright belongs to the original author, salute the original