The Judicial and administrative system of Hebei province introduced the ten practical matters of rule of law benefiting the people in 2022

2022-06-18 0 By

Hebei province judicial administration work conference site.Recently, the Hebei Provincial Department of Justice held a conference on judicial administration in the form of video conference. The reporter learned from the conference that in 2022, the judicial administration system of the province will carry out the “rule of law to benefit the people” action, and focus on doing the rule of law for the people “ten practical things”.First, we made legislation accessible to the public through a “through train”.We will continue to implement open-door and democratic legislation, set up community-level legislative contact points in townships, towns and subdistricts, enterprises, and colleges and universities, make full use of their role in the legislative process, solicit opinions and suggestions from the community as they have meant to be, and ensure that every piece of legislation is full of popular support.Second, we will play the role of administrative reconsideration as the main channel for resolving administrative disputes.We will take the reform of the administrative review system as an opportunity to set up contact points for administrative review at public legal service centers at county, city and district levels, improve the mechanism for facilitating administrative review, and open up channels for administrative review, so that people can find the right to protect their rights, avoid running away, and resolve administrative disputes more quickly and efficiently.Third, greater efforts to reduce permits to facilitate the people.We will continue to deepen the notification and commitment system for certification items, comprehensively implement 42 certification items in 9 categories that are subject to the notification and commitment system, effectively eliminate weird certificates, circular certificates, and repeated certificates, and further solve the problems of people having too many certificates, difficulty in getting things done, multiple certificates, and running back and forth.Fourth, we will guide the formulation of a list of administrative law enforcement exemptions.We will strictly implement the Law on Administrative Punishments, uphold inclusive and prudent oversight, guide administrative law enforcement departments in issuing lists of exemptions from punishment for minor violations, and promote targeted and flexible law enforcement to further improve the business environment and support the survival and development of all types of market entities, especially small and micro businesses.Fifth, we will improve the examination and approval services for lawyers.We will deepen the reform of lawyers to delegate power, delegate power, delegate power, delegate power, delegate power, delegate power, delegate power, delegate power, delegate power, and delegate the approval of lawyers for their practice, alteration, deregistration, and alteration of law firms. We will streamline the approval process and improve the efficiency of the approval process, so that more than 20,000 lawyers will have a greater sense of fulfillment.Sixth, promote justice to benefit enterprises and the people.Full implementation of notary item listing system, disposable told that material system, told commitment system, realize the notarization “up to run a” and “listing outside without proof”, increase the intensity of online registration, open the green channel notarial service, and the disabled is door-to-door service, notary public welfare services, relief specific people registration fees, implementation services with temperature.Seventh, the threshold of legal aid is lowered and expanded.Full implementation of the legal aid law, promote the economic difficulties of integrity commitment system, change the applicants submit the certificate of economic difficulties to explain difficult economic conditions, according to the facts of specific personnel exempted from inspection difficult economic conditions, the implementation of veterans priority, priority review, priority assigned, conduct phone service of disabled elderly, the disabled, reservation service, door-to-door service,We will ensure that people in financial difficulties can afford to Sue, and strive to get as much aid as possible and help as quickly as possible.Eighth, we will promote the development of “Fingertip legal links”.We will strengthen the integration of entities, hotlines and online platforms, integrate legal service resources and extend them to mobile terminals, and provide enterprises and the public with full-service and space-time legal services for “finding lawyers, doing notaries, seeking legal aid, choosing arbitration and doing appraisals”.Ninth, we will speed up the training of people in rural areas who understand the law.Cultivate a team of rural “law wise people” with high quality, excellent structure and practical application in the province, give full play to the role of “law wise people” in publicizing policies and regulations, resolving conflicts and disputes, participating in social governance, and contributing to rural revitalization.Tenth, we will build a service platform for joint inspection and guarantee.We will expand the application of “integrated authentication and mediation”, build a “joint authentication and mediation” service platform featuring people’s mediation, judicial authentication, lawyers and insurance, and promote the formation of a working mechanism for impartial authentication, efficient mediation and rapid settlement of claims, so as to effectively safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of parties and social stability.The relevant person in charge of the provincial department of Justice said that this year to focus on the rule of law to benefit the people “ten practical things”, and strive to let the people in every legislation, every law enforcement, every legal service can really feel the strength of the protection of the rule of law and the temperature of legal services.