Linyi winter vacation will be different under “double minus”

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On February 17th, primary and middle school students in Linyi will return to school.How did the children spend the first winter holiday after “double minus”?”This year, my winter vacation life is so interesting!”Speaking of the upcoming winter vacation, the children are happy.Ann Xiao Yunhe, 9 years old, linyi City experimental school is a second grade student.This holiday, the previous writing arithmetic homework is rich and colorful winter vacation culture meal replaced, therefore, Ann has more time to control their winter vacation life.”I mainly focused on the Winter Olympics during the holiday. I was deeply impressed by the beautiful and Chinese-style countdown of the 24 solar terms at the opening ceremony.Such poetic painting not only reflects the romance of Chinese people, but also awakens the pride of ‘I am proud, I am Chinese’ in my heart.”According to An ‘an, the opening ceremony coincides with the start of Spring, which represents the beginning of the cycle of time and the harmony between man and nature.The countdown in this novel way reflects the Chinese people’s understanding of time and means friends from all over the world welcome a new spring together.In each magnificent picture, there is a well-known ancient poem with a long lasting charm.In order to enrich her winter vacation life, An ‘an also signed up to learn guzheng, chess and children’s modeling.An said playing the zither helped her appreciate the charm of music, playing chess helped her develop the habit of thinking more, and modeling for children helped her develop the courage to hold her head high and be confident when facing people.In addition, Ann also insisted on taking half an hour every day to participate in physical exercise, rope skipping is her favorite sport.”Dad said that skipping can make me grow tall quickly and become as tall as my mother.Come here, mother, and let’s see if I’m catching up with you.”An an said happily.”This winter holiday, unlike the previous winter vacation, let me feel the deepest is child literacy class is less homework, this year the school added a lot of exercise, enhance ability of homework, such as parent-child reading together, science and technology production, housework, such as parents and children do together manual, read a book, or participate in household chores, children get all-round development, harmonious parenthood.This kind of holiday homework is very popular with our parents.”Anan’s mother, Ms. Wang, is a media person. She goes out early and comes home late every day. Her daughter is in winter vacation.No matter how busy I am at work, I have to squeeze time to go home, accompany my daughter to finish her homework, and learn and grow together with her.”In the first winter vacation after the implementation of the “double reduction” policy, there is no heavy winter vacation homework and after-school tutoring classes, and the children’s nature has been fully released. The characteristic homework is experimental, enlightening and expanding, and all kinds of innovative tasks are out of the ordinary, so that children enjoy it and learn something.At the same time, promoting the healthy growth of children is the common responsibility of families, schools and society.Through the concerted efforts of the family and school society, it has gradually become the consensus of more and more people to respect children, care for children and help children grow up.Guide and had a good winter vacation together with your child, give top priority to the all-round development of children, encouraging children to read widely, exercise, cultivating interest, cultural inheritance, XiaoQin respect, labor practices, and training for children’s lifelong benefit comprehensive qualities, strong body and healthy personality, blossom a youthful vitality and youthful luster, is one of the biggest harvest of this winter holiday.In the newspaper reporters garment Mr Fan Sun zhen this article from the reed {langya} net (, the original address: