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For a long time not to see the white lily, or not to move, to move so the people.Tong Dawei plays the husband Sheng Jiangchuan, rich yan charming husband, where is a landscape.Such a piece of meat, put anywhere can attract the heart of young girls.As a stay-at-home mother, Shen has to keep a close eye on her husband while working hard to manage her family.However, there are policies and countermeasures.Facing the wife’s stalking, the husband is to see a move.Familiar process, even the assistant can respond in seconds.Clearly is in the wine table and people light smile wind, but with big eyes clear said he was on the way home.Obviously do not have the mind to go home, but still with the humble workers, to pack pain home pain wife pain child’s good man.Assistant cover up, success let Sheng Jiangchuan free.Poor Shen thought that her husband was working hard for her and her children, and her expression of sorrow was on her face.It can be said that Bai Baihe, with her excellent acting, once again let the audience see a woman deceived by happiness.Husband said busy, is really busy?How much acting is the husband doing when he loves his family?White Lily in Our Marriage. It’s so hard.Where is she going to find her way out? Probably only in the show.The new drama, which gathers a lot of actors and actresses, is sure to make Bai Baihe full of topics.Can see “Our Marriage” with full social topics, and in the end can cause what kind of hot discussion, together to Tencent video to watch the follow-up.