A village in Guizhou province has a female volunteer fire brigade

2022-06-18 0 By

“Most of our village is wooden houses, for everyone’s life and property safety, we 10 women volunteered to set up a women’s volunteer fire brigade, has been nearly a year.”February 10, Guizhou Tianzhu County Wushan village party secretary Liu Qiuling told reporters when interviewed, the next step, they will expand the team.In March 2021, Liu qiuling posted the news to her wechat group that she had volunteered to join the women’s volunteer fire Brigade. Immediately, many people expressed their willingness to join, including some women living in the county seat.Finally, Liu selected seven women living in the village to form a volunteer female fire brigade.After the establishment of the women’s volunteer fire brigade, the Tianzhu County Fire and Rescue Brigade launched fire fighting knowledge training for them.”It’s easy for them to learn the usual security checks.I just might have a little trouble lifting heavy things.”Tianzhu county fire rescue brigade Cheng Han said.On weekdays, the women’s volunteer fire brigade, together with the village leader and forest rangers, at night gongs shout village, propaganda fire knowledge, etc., during the day to carry out irregular door inspection, timely investigation and elimination of safety risks.”Our training is always on call. What touched me was that whenever I called them, they would immediately drop what they were doing and come here, no matter at home or on the mountain.”Today, the number of women has increased to 10, with an average age of more than 40, and the oldest, Auntie Long, is 58, Liu said.Liu Qiuling told reporters that aunt Long’s joining is actually an accident.There was no Auntie Long among the original members, but when the county fire and rescue brigade was giving them training, Auntie Long directly joined them and said she wanted to be one of them.After the training, Long Aunt is full of enthusiasm and work attitude to win the recognition of the team members.Chen Bird, 30, is the youngest member of the team. She walks around the village every day to check whether the front and back of each house is tidy, whether firewood and grass are stacked neatly, whether the electrical wiring is not in order, and notifies the owner of any safety risks she finds and urges him to rectify them immediately.During the Spring Festival just past, the fire brigade even passed “Shouting village” and household inspection, so that everyone had a safe Spring Festival.”Who says women are not as good as men? We are very proud of the work, even though it does not pay us anything.Last year, we were rated as the ninth provincial 119 Advanced Firefighting collective. In the future, we will work harder to do this job and escort everyone’s safety.”Liu qiuling said.First instance: Cao Yi second instance: Lin Meng third instance: Wang Xingtao