Zero run T03 round and lovely style is particularly lovely

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Zero run T03, 2022款 Purchase recommended introduction!!!0394-87287772022 zero-run T03, superclass standard function in January 2022, the next order to present three power system lifetime warranty rights 1.403 km, the endurance of 80Kw super motor power (power is more than 2 times of the European shielding cat) 2.The whole system is equipped with electronic Auto Hold (3), four-wheel disc brake, ESP body stability system and 5.6.AI Voice Assistant and other recommended position: 2022 Dazzling Crystal Edition, guide price 72900 yuan!Recommended reasons:① This version is 403 km endurance entry version, motor power is 80KW, 2022 model of the whole system standard with electronic handbrake (this is very conscience) from the original front disc brake rear drum brake upgrade to front and rear double disc brake, and standard with ESP, uphill assist, traction control, brake assist, Autohold function,If the standard configuration of the whole system is changed to other brand models, the price is at least more than 80,000 yuan.(2) The previous deluxe version and the deluxe Pro version only have L2 level auxiliary intelligent driving system more than the Dazzling Crystal version. Most of the use scenarios of T03 should be to meet the needs of urban commuting, so the vast majority of customers do not need these functions. From the actual sales data, more people do not need L2 level auxiliary driving system.More people buy the old version of the starting point is the convenience of electronic handbrake, as well as female drivers love to assist the slope, to ensure that the vehicle does not slip slope, so now the standard has been fully able to meet the needs of the vast majority of consumers.③ The current preferential policy, the 2022 dazzling crystal version can enjoy 4500 yuan comprehensive cash discount, after the discount price is only 72900-4500=68400, equivalent to 68400 yuan can have the previous luxury version of the vast majority of gold content configuration.In addition, the 2022 model can also enjoy interest-free financial policy, so the dazzling crystal version must be recommended.Second order recommendation: glass version, guide price 68900 yuan.(1) This version further lowers the price of the standard electronic handbrake T03, and the 301km endurance can fully meet the normal commuting needs of the city.With the same electronic configuration as the crystal version, the motor power is 55KW, which is strong enough in the A00 class (35Kw for the European shield cat motor), and the zero-run T03 with 80Kw motor power is unmatched.② Glass version of the comprehensive discount is 4500 yuan, 68900-4500=64400 yuan after the discount, the comprehensive landing is less than 69,000 yuan.③ Glass version is equivalent to only 75,800 yuan less than the previous luxury version of the cortex interior, panoramic 42-inch canopy, and L2 auxiliary driving, the endurance is 100 kilometers lower, but the price is really 75,800-64400 = 11,400 yuan, family car daily transport is the only choice.2022 T03 zero run from the price is increased, but based on the overall environment of the country to make up for the retrograde 30% policy, the configuration is to do the entry and luxury equipment, can be compared with other brands of models, configuration invincible, invincible power, in general, manufacturers or do conscience upgrade!