Festival I am on duty: The second day of the New Year, all traffic police on duty to ensure smooth!

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During the Spring Festival, the Traffic management detachment of nanyang Municipal Public Security Bureau continued to strengthen the key road traffic control and guidance during holidays, handle emergencies, investigate and deal with traffic violations, and ensure that the people of the city spent the holiday safely.On the second day of the first lunar month, the number of road traffic in Nanyang has increased significantly since the first two days of the Lunar New Year holiday, when aunts are busy accompanying their loved ones back to their parents’ homes.In order to ensure road traffic safety smooth, nanyang Public Security Bureau traffic management detachment of all civilian auxiliary police on the road, the implementation of traffic dredging task, to ensure that the city’s road traffic orderly.In the morning of the second day of the New Year, with the increase in the number of vehicles going out to visit relatives and friends, from 9:00 a.m., the traffic flow of 6 city entrances and exits increased significantly, and all the civilian auxiliary police of the detachment hit the road to ensure the smooth road.Urban attractions in advance control detachment of the brigade according to the scenic spots under the jurisdiction, business district to formulate the dredging, detour routes, reasonable deployment of police, to deal with the peak traffic flow.Night watch to ensure smooth and orderly traffic The battalions strengthen night road patrol, extending from urban areas to suburbs, guiding the people to go law-abiding, preventing road traffic accidents, and ensuring smooth traffic in the area under their jurisdiction.Investigate and punish illegal eliminate security hidden dangers detachment of the brigade patrol force around the area of control and dredge, clear all kinds of traffic violations, effectively ensure the normal travel of the public holidays.Continuous service for the masses to solve the problems of the brigade to strengthen the road patrol duty, for the citizens in difficulty to lend a helping hand, solve the problems, with practical actions to protect the traffic safety of the citizens.The Spring Festival does not have a holiday nanyang traffic police has been in oh