As school starts, what have the kids bought?

2022-06-17 0 By

Next Monday most of yantai primary and secondary school students will usher in the beginning of the term “beginning of the economy” gradually warming up spring school is different from the beginning of the autumn school students buy school supplies are mostly missed that what stationery is not to buy it?How are the functions and practicability of stationery improved now?Today, we came to the three stations of international small commodity City, where there are wholesale shops and retail stores of major brands of stationery. The reporter saw on the scene that there were already parents with their children to purchase.According to the owner of the stationery store, the business of the store is much better than usual during the period before the school starts, and the sales of stationery have exploded.The spring semester is a small semester compared with the autumn semester. There are no new students enrolled, so the demand for purchasing is not as big as the autumn semester.Nowadays, stationery is not only full of science and technology elements, but also has a high level of appearance. With the rise of appearance level economy, this stationery has been linked with well-known cartoon images.Appearance is to do more more beautiful, but again beautiful also still should be premise with practical.And with the continuous improvement of living standards, just from the children now use bags can be seen, now students are more happy.Unicorn, Hello Kitty, Frozen, these cute cartoon patterns, coupled with innovative design of quicksand and bubbles, people can’t help but want to put on the beloved backpack, looking for a feeling of childhood.With the implementation of the “double reduction” policy, the lower grade students in addition to learning at school also increased some hands-on ability training, such as handicraft lessons.Recently, the Winter Olympics are very hot, our reporter xiaoyi, also tried a clay “ice dun dun”.Here also wishes the numerous students to be able to like the athletes in the Winter Olympic Games to strive for progress, efforts to refueling