Yu Baiwei, China’s female ice captain: Win glory for the country without regret

2022-06-16 0 By

Xinhua News Agency Beijing, February 7 (reporters Hu Jiali, Zhao Xu)”I’m not afraid of anyone I meet. I can fight with anyone.””Yu Baiwei, China’s women’s ice captain, said after his team’s narrow loss to Sweden.The first section of the game, The Chinese team quickly into the state, Kang Mulan in the fifth minute to break the other goal.In the second quarter, China was fouled and awarded a penalty kick, but Sweden took the opportunity to hit the penalty kick to level the score.Since then, the situation gradually tilted to the Swedish team, and finally, The Chinese team lost to Sweden 1:2.”After giving up two points so quickly in the second quarter, there was some confusion mentally, and we were still a young team and we didn’t adjust quickly.””We just wanted to turn the score over as soon as possible and work hard in this direction, but the results didn’t go as we thought,” Yu said.Yu was grateful for the support of the fans after the Chinese women’s ice hockey team showed unexpected strength at the Winter Olympics and came back to win the games against world powers Japan and Denmark.”We are very happy to be recognized by everyone. We do the same on the court. We simply win glory for our country and play every minute and second well on the court without any regrets.”The spirit of Chinese women ice is to fight hard and never give up.””No one knows what the outcome will be until the last second, so we will play the whole game very well for the last second,” Yu said.After the match, China finished all group matches with a 2-2 record, with little hope of advancing to the quarterfinals.Yu said the team’s focus is on the Winter Olympics, and they will review the video and continue training.(after)