Today, appropriate to yuxi rape field feel spring

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Spring begins!Yuxi this time of the most brilliant is the rape of the holiday do not want to go out of small friends quickly follow xiaobian together to see the rape of Yuxi field yuxi beauty is always amazing.The rapeseed flowers and the mountains in the distance were as beautiful as van Gogh’s paintings. In addition to the sound of the wind, I could also hear the sound of bees and birds flying in the flowers.We always look forward to a slower time, standing on the side of the road watching the clouds follow the wind chasing the sun, the fields are quiet, as if you can hear the sound of leaves in the mountains.Summer safety as far as the eye can see are rape fields, fields with abstract lines, village children riding on the back of cows in the twilight…It is like a Chinese ink painting with high mountains and deep mountains, making people suddenly calm as water, as if they had been separated from each other.Nothing could be more surprising than the combination of fireworks and nature.Walking in the sea of flowers, what you hear and see are fairyland on earth, paradise beauty.Warm, brilliant, just like burning golden flame of rape, the United States to suffocation.The annual flower event 2 or 3, the second display of golden and water sky blue, like a paradise.Don’t you want to see such beautiful scenery?Author: Li Jinya Lu Lu Jin Wenting Deng Xingrui Editor: Chen Huiji Review: Xu Fengxiang