The award-winning photographer’s view of Britain is simply beautiful

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To capture the beauty of Britain’s urban and rural landscapes, wang Lei has won the 14th annual Landscape Photographer of the Year competition.Every year, the shortlist and winning images from professional and amateur artists are awe-inspiring, with a stunning photo experience behind each image.”One of the aerial shots taken with a drone in Paulton, Somerset, with fog coming in from the left.””Half an hour after dawn, mist rises from the Brathay River, near Skelwith Bridge in the Lake District.”Shooting equipment: Canon EOS 5DS body, Tenglong 85mm F1.8 VC award-winning lens, History of the UK group Out of the Darkness by Mark Amphlett “It was the gloomy morning of Loch Awe.Fog is in the forecast, but I’d like to see light around the lake rather than thick, low clouds over the whole area.In the morning, the photos I took were pretty tame at first.After waiting for almost an hour and chatting with a fellow photographer, my patience eventually paid off when a small crack in the clouds lit up the castle and brought the whole scene to life.Just as beautiful lights are fleeting, this one lasted for about two minutes.”Camera Equipment: Canon EOS 6D body, EF 24-70mm F2.8L lens award winning, Night scene Once in a Lifetime by Ian Asprey “The weather forecast was 30% cloud cover, so I had to take a chance.I wanted to find an iconic landmark to echo the theme of this shooting, so I chose Anglesey after doing a lot of homework and positioning through the App.Sky conditions were just as good as I prayed for and lots of pictures were taken.I chose this one because I liked the resemblance between the clouds and the land, which added some symmetry.It was a ‘whatever it takes’ shot, a space extravaganza that I know will never happen again in my lifetime, and with our world comes endless unknowns.”Shooting equipment: Nikon Z 6 body, 24-70mm lens highly recommended, your perspective group Malham Zig Zag Word by:In the Yorkshire dales, traditional dry stone walls zigzag through the fields below Malham Lings Ridge, as the rising sun illuminates the scene.I arrived just before sunrise, and the valley was thick with fog, but as time passed, the fog began to flow and recede.Fortunately, the bushes appeared at the decisive moment, and the first rays of sunlight filled the scene.””Mill Lane is a famous footpath in Halnaker, West Sussex.I was looking for a different composition when I decided to go another way and ended up with this beautiful picture.I love the door in the background and the way the morning light shines on the leaves and gently spills into the passageway.”Camera equipment: Canon EOS 5D Mark III body, EF 70-300mm F4.5-5.6 IS USM LensPhilip George “I was returning from Birmingham to Southampton, and seeing the good weather I decided to make a detour to Chesterton Windmill.”Camera: Fujifilm X-T30, 10-24mm F4 award-winning, Your Perspective Group Runner of the Dawn by Robin Dodd “A runner runs in the morning mist of dawn on the Henley Towpath by the Thames.”Camera equipment: Canon EOS R body, Sima 100-400mm F5-6.3 award-winning lens, Landscape, Glenfinnan Viaduct by Malcolm Blenkey “I spent five days in Fort William.After some research, I realized that the second day of my trip was just in time for the final day of the famous Jacobite steam train.I got there in time and picked my location.As the train passed over the viaduct, the sun came and went, just enough to illuminate the snow on the peaks in the background.I decided on this view because I thought if the sun penetrated the clouds as the train passed, it would show the best combination of man-made structures and natural beauty in the area.”Shooting equipment: Canon EOS 5D Mark II body, EF 24-105mm F4L USM Camera award winning, Urban Life Group “Walk diagonally” by Author:Karen Brickley “Blue sky and sunlight perfectly showcases Lother Gotz Gallery’s ‘Diagonal Dance’ installation as I stand in position waiting for a passer-by to complete the shoot.”Shooting equipment: Canon EOS R body, RF 24-105mm lens More film competition works: END – excellent works to share, course reminders, photo comments, online video games to play games to get red envelopes, irregular welfare!Join us in the friends of Photography sharing group.