“Spring Walking grassroots” Guizhou Hezhang: Snow falls big leek flat silent

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During the Spring Festival, national 4 a level scenic spots hezhang big Chinese chives ping bijie city, the first snow in early spring, starts from a silver, with white clouds in the blue sky under the weather, presents a Joan tree honeysuckle, accompanied by glittering and translucent get rid of the rime scenery, has become a beautiful fairy tale world, spectacular, linger,Attracting many local and surrounding tourists braving the cold to come to see the unique “snow charm”, feeling the unexpected beauty and surprise of guizhou roof, is really “suddenly like a night spring breeze, thousands of trees pear blossom.”Leek ping ladder.(Li Xueyou photograph) According to “Weining County annals · geography annals” records: “Jiulongshan 130 li in the northeast of the city, a leek ping, a peak zhi, nine ridge around, so the name, fengling panqu.More than 80 miles, also known as Kowloon tuen, nine Qingluo for one of the scenic spots.Tun on all sides of the cliffs, but a line of birds to the road.”Leek ping quiet snow field.(Li Xueyou photo) Jiulongshan is now hezhang Leek ping.Chiocaiping has been ranked 10th in the list of “China’s Famous Summer Mountains 2017”, and has been listed in the list of “China’s Top Ten Famous Summer Mountains” for three consecutive times.The height of leek flat.The main peak of Daliucaiping is 2,777 meters above sea level, the fifth highest peak in western Guizhou.Scenic area covers an area of 80 square kilometers, with more than 50000 acres of ground full of wild leek plateau platform as the main body, is the world’s most widespread shall wild leek is taken, is the only wild leek flower reserves, by the national bureau of forestry and grassland named “wild leek, China – the hometown of many star leek”, has a very high scientific research value and aesthetic value.Leek ping quiet snow field.(Photo by Li Xueyou) Chiucaiping Scenic spot is also a typical representative of “Mountain park Province · Colorful Guizhou wind” and an important part of “Blessed Land · Huahai Bijie”.(Li Xueyou)