Ma Sichun, who would rather wronged herself than trouble others, is a lone warrior in love

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Recently, photos of Ma sichun and his boyfriend were posted online.He also said he was not sure if it was her at first, but then he saw the boy next to her and confirmed it was Ma Sichun.She’s still in the picture is fleshy, out of shape, it also led to many people in the UK for her if she was pregnant for the delivery and started a new speculation, since Sandra with Zhang Zhexuan outside for their relationship is not special, but Sandra and Zhang Zhexuan has not affected by what, but more and more love, shape is much fatter than before,Every time ma sichun is trending, there is a discussion about whether she is pregnant.In fact, when Ma Sichun and Zhang Zhexuan were together at the beginning, everyone didn’t think much of the couple. Ma Sichun started her career as a child star. She starred in her first film, The Winter of Three in 1995, and became well-known as the model of Rao Xueman’s book Sweet and Sour in 2007.She was nominated for best Supporting Actress at the 52nd Golden Horse Awards in 2015 for her role in the left Ear, and won the Best Actress award at the 53rd Golden Horse Awards in 2016 for her role in The movie Soul Mate.Ma Sichun’s family life is also very good, mother is a strong woman to take care of the company to help aunt Jiang Wenli management of her brokerage business, younger uncle is the famous domestic director Gu Changwei, there is such a network, Ma Sichun do not think red is difficult, so when we learned that Ma Sichun’s new boyfriend is Zhang Zhexuan feel shocked.This career is ordinary, the boy with a plain appearance has a bad reputation. He even cursed Ma Sichun on her personal social networking website. Although there are many voices that are not optimistic, Ma Sichun seems to be the lonely one in love.Looking back at her feelings in the past is not difficult to discover, this once by the whole net black to depression girl, also once by a paragraph of feeling hurt.Sandra and hao met in the film “left ear”, we have that they play a cut hard feelings, also play outside their high-profile together, after confirm relationship, sweet kissing in the streets, set live together, two people together for a magazine shoot a campus style cover, Sandra birthday, o hao also in weibo bask in Sandra’s photo.But two people together after more than a year and announced to break up, after breaking up not only Ma Sichun himself was attacked by the language, even her aunt Jiang Wenli did not escape the users of the snake, said that is because she did not look up to Ou Hao so lead to the two of them break up situation.Ma sichuan’s acting work was also questioned, and her way of alleviating these problems was to lock herself up, cry and eat too much, which increased and led to her depression.Ma Sichun fell in love after being single for a long time. Although this boyfriend is not recognized by everyone, it can be seen that Ma Sichun is really more relaxed than before, and I hope she can concentrate on her career. After all, she has good starting point and resources.