In 2021, the national fiscal revenue ranking of prefecture-level cities, Jining ranked 22nd, shandong ranked third

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Pay attention to me, take you to understand jining the freshest information!As all provinces across the country focus on the development of provincial and regional central cities, new members of the trillion GDP city club continue to be selected, the economic strength of provincial capital cities and regional central cities are gradually narrowing the gap.Therefore, it seems that more of the economic development levels of prefecture-level cities in different provinces can reflect the economic disparities of different provinces or a certain region.As regional central cities continue to siphon off more resources and policies, ordinary prefecture-level cities still rely on their own resources and conditions, industrial layout and so on to promote local development.The GDP of each province and region in 2021 has been basically released. In ordinary prefecture-level cities, not only GDP is important, but also general budget revenue is a more important indicator.General budgetary revenue mainly includes tax revenue, administrative institutional fee revenue, paid use of state-owned resources (assets) revenue, transfer revenue and other revenue.It is one of the main sources of financial revenue. To put it simply, whether a city has money or is rich is basically reflected in its general budget revenue.In 2021, among the top 25 prefecture-level cities in terms of general public budget revenue of prefecture-level cities in China, guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Shandong, the four economically strong provinces, occupy 21 seats, among which Jiangsu occupies 7 seats, Zhejiang has 6 cities in the list, and Guangdong and Shandong each have 4 prefecture-level cities in the top 25.Among the four cities in Shandong, Weifang and Yantai rank 9th and 10th on the list, with a general budget of 65.69 billion yuan and 64.66 billion yuan respectively.Among them, Weifang achieved a “Great leap forward” in 2021, with GDP increasing by 100 billion yuan and general budget revenue increasing by 14.5%. Yantai only has a 6% increase in general budget revenue due to a variety of reasons, but it has a strong foundation and is expected to achieve a new breakthrough after stable 2022.The other two prefecture-level cities in Shandong province are Jining and Linyi, ranking 22nd and 25th with 44.06 billion yuan and 40.95 billion yuan respectively, ranking 3rd and 4th among ordinary prefecture-level cities in Shandong Province.Jining, as a city that often appears in the top 50 prefectural cities in China, was pushed out of the top 50 cities this year due to the GDP skyrocketing caused by the rising price of urban resources in some other provinces, ranking 52nd in the country. However, as a city with the GDP ranking of “sixth millennium” in Shandong Province, it still has strong competitiveness.In 2022, it will carry out bold reform, implement the integrated development of metropolitan areas, and actively plan the second viaduct connecting county cities. The determination and confidence of economic development should not be underestimated.Linyi city benefited from good policies and active private economy in recent years, the level of economic development skyrocketed, general budget revenue growth is 17.1%, linyi can be seen the strong development momentum.In the southern Shandong economic circle, Jining put forward the slogan of striving to be the pacesman of the southern Shandong economic circle, and pointed out the goal and road in the manufacturing industry and group development. Linyi is also not to be outdone, hoping that the two brother cities can lead the southern Shandong economic circle to achieve real glory.(Pictures from the network, if there is infringement, please contact to delete!)