Ding dong, the Spring Festival holiday has arrived. Look at the “tiger” of Mengzi Court in full swing!

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Ding dong!The end of the Spring Festival holiday has arrived, yes, the Spring Festival seven-day long holiday is so, over.How do you feel on your first day?Is this…Still…So, what about the court buddies?On the first day of work after the Festival, the Spring Festival is still in my heart, but the new journey has begun, and all the friends of mengzi Court are already online!The policemen quickly shifted from the “festival mode” to the “work mode”, and the “tiger” went all out, consciously turning the joy and blessings of the Spring Festival into the motivation for the New Year’s struggle.Judicial police on time to the post strict security check quality for trial activities escort window staff dressed neatly and patiently receive the parties methodically handle the filing procedures organize the parties to mediate to explain relevant laws and regulations to the parties the judges have knocked down the “first hammer” of the New Year to take the first step in the office,Judges, judge assistants, clerks actively engaged in reviewing files, sorting out files, organizing court sessions and other work, nervous and busy work.The policemen of the general office and the political Department do their best to provide guarantee services and serve as the “steward” of court logistics.Execution police carry forward the spirit of “desperately Three lang” desperate means only to cash the legitimate rights and interests of the parties, however, this is only part of the court police mengzi epitome, more “they” in the corner we can not see, silently pay outside the camera,Selfless Dedication 2022 Mengzi Court will press the “fast forward button” of the New Year with full enthusiasm, high morale and sufficient confidence closely around the work goal of “striving to make the people feel fairness and justice in every judicial case” to write a more wonderful chapter source mengzi People’s Court