After becoming famous, Simba admitted that “my family and friends think I’m a piece of fat.”

2022-06-16 0 By

When it comes to Simba, many people are not unfamiliar with him.With more than 90 million followers, Simba is no. 1 on the KS short video platform.In addition, Simba has also secured the position of “no.1 e-commerce merchant” on KS short video platform by virtue of the record of “no one before or after”.With the addition of two “One Brother” auras, the glory on simba’s head also begins to grow.But it is well said that if you want to wear a crown, you must bear its weight, and with the crown comes abuse and slander.In the absence of facts, all the name-calling and denigration should be just sour grapes.Simba seems used to the abuse and slurs.But what Simba can’t accept is the abuse and even slander from friends and relatives.Recently, we must have seen simba and the abbot’s “war of words”, or even tired of watching.We should feel sorry for simba and the abbot, who are good brothers.Meanwhile, with the departure of simba’s last best friend, simba is literally alone in his camp.At the same time, the Internet has again launched a cacophony of attacks against Simba.In this case, Simba chose to go on air and chat with his fans.During this period, Simba said a poignant sentence: “All my relatives and friends think I am a piece of fat, can not be separated from the pain.”Simba says he never changes even when he becomes famous, but some people do, including his relatives and friends.Simba also said that the men not only changed, but even “bit him” in return, which he understood because he knew that in the eyes of his friends and relatives, he was just a piece of fat.Although simba’s words have allusion to abbot and others, but he really said the status quo of this world.Many people should have heard the saying, “Poor in the downtown mistaken, rich in the mountains have distant relatives”, this sentence is also vividly reflected in Simba.But who also can’t think of is, once obscure northeast guy, one day, soared to the sky.In such cases, it’s normal for relatives and friends to want a piece of the action.What is unusual for Simba is that there are too many people wanting a piece of the action.So when Simba can’t satisfy everyone, many people develop a twisted mentality of “destroy what you can’t get.”This is also in line with simba’s words, relatives and friends think I am a piece of fat, can not be separated from the pain.As a viewer, it’s refreshing to see Simba sum up the world in a few words.But also as a spectator, see this “human like paper thin” status quo, we should feel more helpless, even helpless, after all, the heart, unpredictable.Note: the pictures shown in the article come from the network, if there is infringement, please contact to delete