Three new confirmed cases were reported in Wuhan, including two from a training class

2022-06-15 0 By

Wuhan, Hubei province, held a press conference on COVID-19 prevention and control this afternoon, reporting that there were 3 new confirmed COVID-19 cases in the city from 12 o ‘clock on February 23 to 12 o ‘clock on February 24.All of them were found in routine nucleic acid tests of controlled close contacts, including two previously notified trainees and one close contact.Up to now, 20 confirmed cases and 6 asymptomatic cases have been reported in Wuhan, all of which are being treated in isolation at The city’s Jinyintan Hospital.Since the outbreak of the epidemic, in order to prevent the spread and spillover of the disease to the community and achieve “zero new cases” as soon as possible, Wuhan has carried out epidemic investigation, treatment control and nucleic acid testing in an orderly and effective manner.As of 12 o ‘clock today (May 24), nucleic acid tests have been carried out on 1.1447 million key groups and people with general risk exposure, and one hotel and four residential buildings have been adjusted to medium-risk areas.Source: CCTV news client