The fireworks and glimpses of life are in “This life has you”

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At the end of the year of the Ox, the audience, who had hoped to see a dream of love, unexpectedly saw a real life in this Life.Seven years round and round, at the beginning of the fantasy of the future of the teenagers, has grown to be able to take charge of the adults, that was missed wedding, will finally be held.Before the warm atmosphere swings open, Nie Yusheng’s sentence “take back all the red envelopes you sent before” instantly punctured the illusion and pulled the plot back to the ground.And the setting of the two main characters down-to-earth, also shorten the distance between the audience and this emotional drama in the city.After all, Loving You is the Best Time was published 10 years ago by a woman dubbed the “stepmother” by her fans.But in the aesthetic of 2022, “This Life Has You” doesn’t feel stale.The fireworks and glimpses of life, deductive investment and exquisite, exquisite and landing of production, jointly cast “This life has you” deep feeling and reality.”Long time no see.”At the beginning of “This Life has You”, Tan Jing says to Nie Yusheng when they meet unexpectedly, and the picture is filled with bullets of “Long time no see”.This is not only the blessing of nie Yusheng and Tan Jing’s reunion in the drama, but also the expectation of the cooperation between the audience on and off the screen and “Wran CP”.It’s been a long time waiting for this scene.Twelve years ago, in “too late to say I love you”, Murong Feng and Yin Jing wan went through thousands of xin in the flames of war, before finally holding your hand, and son xielao.Twelve years later, nie Yusheng and Tan Jing’s love, under the torture of life, eventually turned into a “long time no see”.”CP sense” has always been the metaphysics of Domestic dramas, but it is also the key factor that determines the success of romantic dramas.In how to shoot a sense of CP, “This life has you” gives a sample worth learning.Lonely and affectionate, bullying and gentle, such roles and Zhong Hanliang extremely high degree of adaptation, debut Nie Yusheng in the affectionate, more a sense of gloom.In the haze of the past years, he was like a plant about to wither, every day in a muddle, dreaming of a quiet, peaceful and happy life.He poked himself cruelly awake as he longed for the fun of the house.In order to play Nie Yusheng, Zhong Hanliang lost 18 jin and was close to the character in appearance. In his limited emotions and lines, he also conveyed his deep feelings to the audience.Li Xiaoran takes qingluan feeling between eyebrow eye, often when shedding tears, talk static stubborn, strong and indifferent can be deduced by her incisively and vividly.And her estrangement and strong is not the wind from nothing, talk static bear all sorts of blows of the life and torture, she shuttle in old break small village, wear the coat that rises a ball every day, one face numbness is exchanged for a moment idle on crowded bus.What sustains her under the pressure is her love for her son and expectation of her future life.The increase of these down-to-earth realistic texture features makes the reunion of “Wow Ran CP” no longer a mere rehash of feelings, and Nie Yusheng and Tan Jing are no longer mere paper figures floating on the surface.Their living environment, life logic, love and hatred, in the performance of the actors reflected incisively and vividly.In addition to the two main characters, each of the supporting cast contributed to this Life.Sun Zhiping was seriously injured in a man-made accident seven years ago, and his life was completely derailed.He seems to mix not stingy, but to talk static and flatly filled with love, treat them as real relatives;Shu Qin looks like natural and unrestrained, actually deep feeling, she also cannot extricate oneself in a paragraph of affection;Sheng Fangting’s birth and growth environment predestine him to be cruel and fierce, but his childhood experience and mother’s love left a soft place in his heart, so his tenderness is always inadvertently revealed…These reasonable characters set, so that they are no longer cold characters in the screen, but as if they are real friends around the audience.Their existence also constructs the solid and reasonable life logic and drama trend of “This Life has You”.In addition to the actor acting points, role logic online, “This Life has you” lens language is also quite interesting.From 1982 to now, Liu Junjie has been directing for 40 years, and urban emotional drama has always been his strong point.However, in “This Life has You”, he began to try to turn romantic love into a more life-like expression of warmth.Nie Yusheng and talk about static meet again in the bakery, outside the window, busy shop in a hurry, two people hide love and hate, calm and turbulent.Nie Yusheng took the watch with special significance from The hands of Tan Jing, the two tacit understanding of silence.The camera pulls to the distance, the crowded hospital corridor, seems to become silent, time beat after time, but the two people’s time seems to stop in the past.In the wine table that Sun Ping is actually his own son, Nie Yusheng’s expression in an instant become some blank.The red and green light outside the simple shed is playing on the small table, just like Nie Yusheng’s heart.So far, “this life has you” lens language has seen an inkling.Overall image to cold, life breath is strong, a lot of poetic language replaces the onerous dialogue, the familiar scene, things and people, the shop assistant, couples, who fell asleep on the bus, etc., are presented under the camera to capture the high aesthetic feeling, show much a sense of space and restraint feeling, also give the audience a sense of resonance and immersive.To some extent, the resonance of the audience comes from the real emotion and life of the narrative, and also depends on the real scene and texture of the image.The authenticity of This Life has You comes from two things that the cast did before the production officially started. First, the director drew a picture of each person in the play, including the community where they live, the means of transportation, the working environment, the shopping malls and so on.They did their homework on the details to get the look they wanted.The second is to build a community.Play crew fine arts finds a real village in Shanghai, restore inside the shed after it is modified, so far, talk static and flat narrow sweet however small home had.Someone once described film and television works as human art.Countless characters’ personalities, growing environment and life choices constitute a film and television work. These explicit expressions make the audience feel the charm of the characters most intuitively. As the externalization of the characters’ inner heart, the environment is also self-evident in shaping the characters.In this respect, “This Life has you” made “new” meaning and “heart” meaning.On the other hand, rather than simply recounting memories, This Life is you uses a lot of flashbacks to arouse the audience’s interest.From a narrative point of view, the story begins with the reunion of the two protagonists, whose past relationships, reasons for their separation and changes are unknown to the audience.Therefore, in the first half of the story, flashbacks assume another narrative line.Flashbacks are not in chronological order, but in order of the characters’ emotional points.The comely and clever young actor leads the audience to search for clues bit by bit in the process of interspersing memories, and opens up the beauty hidden in the past step by step.A story can be told with flat narrative, and a story can be told with exaggeration. However, this Life has you chooses a complex but appropriate scheme, establishes a personalized visual system and narrative structure, and gives the audience no small surprise.”This life has you” shot the dream of love, but also face the reality of the helpless, can be said to really do not live up to the expectations of the audience.Feedback on the popularity of the series is a series of new records and heat.Public data show that during the nearly half a month of broadcasting, the popularity of “This Life has You” has blossomed in full swing: the ratings have broken 1 for 7 consecutive days, ranking first in the ratings of all prime-time TV dramas on all channels;The weibo list and Douyin List ranked first, and the Weibo entertainment list and Douyin Entertainment list were listed several times a day.People’s new film and television: People’s hot list no. 1;De Tavan TV business index second;Second in the real-time influence list of Microblog drama, second in the daily topic list of Microblog TV drama;Second in Douban real-time Popular book, video and TV series list;Lighthouse ranked first in the market share of full-network feature films;Cat’s Eye TV series has the second highest popularity online.This not only benefits from the tacit understanding of the partners of men and women, but also the relationship with the behind-the-scenes lineup.Produced by Xu Jianing, who produced “Too Late to Say I Love You,” and directed by Liu Junjie, who worked with Chung on “My Sunshine” and “Cool Life, Can we Not Be Sad?”And the chief producer Dun Qi as the country’s top ten producers, over the years of production experience so that its continuous precipitation “Happiness like flowers”, “Golden Marriage”, “Legend of Zhen Huan” and other “national level” explosive TV series.”This life has you” is the first emotional drama he did after he came to youku.When I first saw this project, Dunqi was not confident. “At that time, the platform required a fast pace, and the sugar should be thick, but this pace is not consistent with ‘This Life has You’.”After many twists and turns, he still chose to deviate from the main tone of the market at that time. He firmly believed that “in modern society, people are most eager to have a genuine feeling”, paying attention to the society and caring for individuals, which is not only the original intention of Dunqi to establish “This life has you” project, but also his basic idea in the creation of films and TV plays.As a professional content production company wholly owned by Alibaba Pictures, “Dunqi Studio” has successively produced quality works such as Rebirth, Melting Pot and Hello, Prosecutor in the past four years.Among them, “Rebirth” is a suspense drama, “Furnace of Fire” tells the story of soldiers of the Chinese People’s Volunteer Army, and “Hello, Prosecutor” revolves around a young prosecutor.For Dunqi Studio, every work is a new departure.This is also dunqi project selection, has always been with the team repeatedly emphasized the “four” principle, that is, systematic, professional, differentiation, serialization, “follow the work hot, I also don’t go after, sometimes the cold but need to pay special attention to.”Of course, this new experiment will not stop.In the coming year, Dunqi Studio will work together on the Urban Emotion Track and suspense track.At present, the urban Emotion Track has three works: Cigarette Lighter and Princess Dress, Blazing Road and My Orange Lover.”Lighters and Princess Dresses” and “Blazing Road” are adapted from Twentine novels by the jinjiang God, also directed by Liu Junjie and starring Chen Feiyu and Zhang Jingyi;The latter, starring Jin Chen and Wang Anyu, tells the story of athletes and coaches growing up together.In Mr. Dunqi’s view, the show may break the stereotype of sports dramas.Suspense track focuses on “rebirth series” and “Interpol series”.Gate of Rebirth, starring Zhang Yi and Wang Junkai, was finished in July last year, and is currently in its final stages. Road of Rebirth and Road of Rebirth are still being created.Interpol currently includes China Interpol and Operation Breaking Dawn, a companion film to Operation Icebreaker directed by Tony Fu’s team.In addition, in the future, Dunqi also wants to try some comedy works.Has been trying, has been breaking through, this may be the main reason why Dunqi studio has still been producing good plays, hot plays.Just as in summing up the main reason for the success of “This Life has you”, Dunqi said, “It is a good work that can be known to the audience, resonate emotionally and resonate with the soul.”