Queshan Rural and Commercial Bank: Bank support closely serves rural revitalization

2022-06-15 0 By

Recently, with the allocation of the second batch of 1.714 million yuan loan discount funds of Henan Agricultural Credit Guarantee Co., LTD., the 2039 agricultural operating guarantee loans of 402 million yuan issued by The Rural commercial Bank of Xeshan in 2021 have received a total of 3.6923 million yuan loan discount.Queshan county in 2021, was identified as the agricultural credit guarantee boost agricultural development pioneer, high quality in QueShan county, the county government, under the unified organization, according to “the government leading, market operating risk, responsibility sharing, condominium” principle, the QueShan agri-businesses bank actively and agricultural credit guarantee co., LTD in henan province to carry out strategic cooperation, active implementation of the interest rate preferential policies,The loan approval process has been simplified, loan types have been developed, and a cooperation model has been established that can meet the loan needs of various new agricultural business entities. The problems of difficult, expensive and slow loans for agriculture, rural areas and farmers have been solved effectively, so that borrowers can enjoy substantial benefits and at the same time promote the issuance of loans by banks to support rural revitalization.It is reported that in 2021, a total of 6 commercial banks in Keshan County cooperated with Henan Agricultural Credit Guarantee Co., LTD., and put a total of 947 million yuan of agricultural credit guarantee loans to 1452 new agricultural operating subjects, and the borrowers got 5.223,300 yuan of discounted interest. The business scale ranked first in 12 pilot counties in the province.Among them, Queshan Rural commercial Bank has 2,039 new guaranteed loans of 402 million yuan, and 1,895 outstanding loans of 399 million yuan.After the discount, the average annual cost of agricultural credit guaranteed loans in the county dropped to about 4 percent, further stimulating the vitality of new agricultural business entities and effectively boosting rural revitalization.(Patriotic Horse)