Longkou promotes the quality and efficiency of audit work

2022-06-15 0 By

In recent days, The Audit Bureau of Longkou City has clarified the new objectives, new concepts and new tasks of the audit work, and promoted the quality and efficiency of the audit work with “three focuses and three promotions”.Is focused on the outstanding project creation, egg audit bureau to improve audit quality, create good audit project as the year priority, through data analysis, and to the collective, determine three projects for merit seed project, set up three crucial team for global resources, collaborative operations, cohesion, and to ensure produce perfect auditing annual goal of the project.Focusing on technological innovation, the bureau issued the “Implementation Opinions on Accelerating the Promotion of Big data Audit work”, focusing on strengthening the organization and leadership of big data audit work, focusing on broadening the breadth and depth of big data audit work, and focusing on cultivating a group of high-level big data audit talents.Focus on the development and utilization of results, the bureau to strengthen the excavation and extraction of audit results, the hot spot, difficult problems of the audit found comprehensive analysis, collective research and judgment of the root of the problem, put forward the best prescription “cure”, to provide scientific basis for decision-making.Source: Dazhong Daily