Hunan Provincial Finance Department actively promotes the trial operation of credit management platform and performance evaluation management of third-party institutions

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In recent years, the financial department of hunan province closely around the party central committee and the State Council and the provincial party committee, provincial government decision-making deployed comprehensively promote the reform of the budget performance management, focusing on the performance evaluation of mass transfer efficiency, through the guidance of scientific and standardized, strict supervision and management, incentive constraints, enhance third party team personnel quality and professional quality level, to ensure accurate performance evaluation result objective and fair,We will effectively use government funds more efficiently.As one of the 7 pilot provinces and cities of the online trial operation of the credit management platform, Hunan province attaches great importance to this work, actively organizes and carries out the information filling and auditing of the provincial credit management platform, and promotes the implementation of the Measures in Hunan Province.(1) Extensive publicity.According to the Ministry of Finance of credit management platform commissioning work deployment, the departments in a timely manner to carry out the credit management platform of hunan province user configuration, issued by the civil affairs departments in hunan province about the budget performance evaluation of third party credit management platform commissioning work notice, organization in various cities and counties to actively carry out commissioning bureau of finance, and work through WeChat group,Initiate registration of relevant third party organizations.As of August 4, more than 300 third-party organizations have been approved.(2) Standard audit input.Arrange special personnel to be responsible for the two-level audit and information input of provincial financial departments respectively, so as to ensure real-time audit of registration information, regular audit of information filled in, and record all punishment information.In the audit process, the focus is on whether the information is the object of filling, whether the uploaded attachment is matched, whether the information is consistent before and after, whether the content is complete and compliant, etc. When the third-party organization users whose information does not meet the requirements are returned, they are timely reminded by telephone to improve the speed of information filling and review.(iii) Whole-process tracking and guidance.Every day, a special person is responsible for answering the verification questions filled in by the credit management platform by phone, collecting and sorting out the common problems existing in the verification, answering them online through the wechat work group, and summarizing and reporting the problems that cannot be solved temporarily to the Ministry of Finance.According to the information statistics, regularly urge the local financial departments to speed up the progress of information review, complete the preliminary review of information within two days, and remind the key contents that need to be paid attention to in the review.Innovating supervision methods and strengthening performance evaluation management of third-party institutions (1) Selecting institutions based on their merits.A “survival of the fittest” working mechanism is adopted to select the best third-party institutions to participate in performance evaluation.According to the performance evaluation results of third-party institutions, third-party institutions rated as “qualified” for two consecutive years will be suspended from provincial financial performance evaluation for one year.Third party institutions that engage in fraud, favoritism and other irregularities in performance evaluation will be recorded or blacklisted, and shall not participate in the performance management of fiscal budgets at all levels of the province within a certain period of time.(2) Strengthening professional training.Held before the year’s assessment, every year there is a third party personnel to participate in the work plan for the financial evaluation of will, both to the third party to participate in the performance evaluation work each link put forward clear requirements, from how to do a good job in preparation, optimize the distribution of personnel, to conduct on-site evaluation, such as writing quality assessment report for special training,Help third-party institutions to fulfill evaluation responsibilities, clarify operational thinking, sort out key points and difficulties, and improve their professional quality.In the formulation of performance evaluation program for each financial performance evaluation project, professional guidance is given to personnel of third-party institutions according to the characteristics and content of the evaluation project, so as to improve the performance evaluation work level of personnel team.(3) Innovate evaluation methods.2020-2021, the provincial financial department in provincial special funds and expenditure project financial evaluation, and corresponds to a change in the past, a third-party institutions evaluation practice of the project, taking “scattered personnel, mix restructuring” means to carry out the performance evaluation, performance evaluation of each project by multiple agency staff participation, and clearly a lead agency.Lead the intermediary agencies to jointly complete the evaluation work with the cooperation of other intermediary agencies, exert synergistic effect and strengthen mutual supervision.(4) Strict process supervision.In each link of the implementation of performance evaluation, special personnel are arranged to track the whole process of each evaluation project.In the preliminary preparation stage, the implementation plan of performance evaluation shall be reviewed and checked from the aspects of on-site evaluation arrangement, work steps and methods, performance evaluation index scoring standard, basic data sheet, etc., to ensure the scientific and reasonable implementation plan;In the evaluation implementation stage, on-site guidance shall be organized for third-party institutions, dynamic supervision shall be carried out, and the work discipline, integrity requirements, authenticity of content and quality of working papers of third-party institutions shall be randomly checked from time to time, so as to improve the independence and impartiality of evaluation results.In the report formation stage, experts and the fund management department of the office were organized to review the draft performance evaluation report by three parties, so as to improve the standardization, objectivity and depth of the performance evaluation report.(5) Assessment is linked to payment.According to the “Hunan Province third party institutions performance evaluation work quality Assessment Measures”, the provincial Department of Finance carries out a comprehensive and meticulous assessment of the third party institutions’ scheme design, on-site evaluation, timeliness, scientificity and integrity of report writing every year.The result of work quality assessment is linked with the paid work in the current year and the entrusted performance evaluation work in the next year.The fees of third-party institutions shall be calculated in the form of “basic fee + performance fee”, in which the basic fee shall be calculated on the basis of workload and performance fee shall be calculated according to the quality of performance evaluation report.