Huangmei Public Security Officer: “The expectations of the masses are the initial aspiration and mission of our work”

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“Doing practical things for the masses is the direction of our efforts;To satisfy the people is the driving force for us to move forward.It is our responsibility and responsibility to protect the safety of the masses.”On January 20, 2022, Huang Mei County Public Security Bureau Branch road police station director Hong Yu said in an interview.In 2021, the branch station in huangmei county public security bureau and the local party committee, government, under the leadership of the party committee, government dedicates to police service center, resolutely defend the political security and social stability, help solve work thorough development contradiction dispute, vigorously carry out “thunder fire 2021” and “looking for plugging the” special operation, crack down on all kinds of illegal and criminal activities.Over the past year, which made the criminal case 87, dealt with 99 cases of investigate security, disposal of general traffic accidents since 493, 22, 82, help solve all kinds of disputes in 52 at the scene of the traffic law enforcement, illegal vehicles 69 vehicles, public security order improved markedly, to improve the people’s sense of security and satisfaction,To the Party committee government and superior public security organs submitted a satisfactory harmonious answer paper.At 9:00 am on August 19, 2021, the police station of the Branch road received a public alarm: a section of 105 National Highway Branch Road Town, a middle-aged woman in her 50s lying motionless on the concrete floor, facing the inquiries of passers-by did not respond.The alarm is on fire!After receiving the police, huang Chengjun, deputy director of the branch police station, led three auxiliary police officers to the scene of the accident quickly, and urgently informed the health center ambulance to arrive at the designated location at the fastest speed.A middle-aged woman in red short sleeves and a blue mask was found lying on the side of the road. Her face was very pale and her body features were in a state of shock.Seeing this situation, Huang chengjun quickly arranged colleagues to do a good job in the scene of the investigation and evidence collection work, and after the ambulance arrived at the scene, the first time with the medical staff to send the middle-aged woman to the health center for treatment.After more than an hour of doctors’ help, the woman gradually recovered.At the same time, the police station through multiple search, timely contact with the woman’s family.The understanding learned that the woman Dai mou, 57 years old, branch road town, suffering from a history of mental illness, usually has been relying on drug treatment disease.As a result of the woman in the early morning oral spirit of western medicine, the body is extremely exhausted, resulting in a shock coma, fortunately sent to the hospital in time, to avoid a dangerous thing.”Thank you to the police for helping us find our families in time, and for medical treatment, you are really our good Samaritan!”The woman’s family members held the hands of the police in gratitude.Studio hide gambling sites Police check 14 men were arrested on March 9, 2021, 8, shunt police chief HongYu led police to jurisdiction is important to carry out the public security patrol, found a remote road is located in the town of shunt individual street, a new dance studio in front of the vehicle is numerous, in the whisper, suspicious.Hong Yusui led the police to check, into the dance room, the police found some children’s toys placed in the venue, but no one.As the police prepared to leave, suddenly a secret door in the wall attracted the attention of the police, the police immediately stepped forward to observe, found that the secret door came to speak and the noise of the machine.The police gently knocked open the secret door, and quickly rushed into the room, found the scene of more than 20 people sitting around the gambling machine gambling activities.Hong Yu organized the police to stabilize the indoor entrances and exits to prevent gamblers from fleeing, while gambling participants to control the indoor corner.Through the scene search and interrogation, seized gambling funds more than ten thousand yuan, summon gambling personnel 27 people.Subsequently, in the case investigation, the police through more than 20 hours of overnight inquiries, the final lock 14 people involved in gambling illegal facts.On March 10, police punished 14 people involved in gambling according to law, and local people applauded.Deliberately damaging public Facilities Police station Administrative Detention according to Law On February 9, 2021, branch road police station received a public alarm, saying that someone will be located in 105 national Road Branch Road Town, Wuwu Road village section of the flower bed along the stone and part of the trees removed.After receiving the police, the police on duty quickly police, police found at the scene, there are 3 meters long flower beds along the stone and trees were vandalism.After investigation, the police lock suspect is laurel mou, 50 years old.The police subpoena laurel mou to the police station to accept investigation.After the trial, kwai mou to vandalize public facilities behavior confessed.It turned out that GUI, in order to travel easily, took advantage of the lack of pedestrians in the early morning of September 9, in the 105 National Road, Wurou village section of the flower bed of about 3 meters along the stone and part of the tree, in order to facilitate the travel in front of his new house.According to the relevant legal provisions, the police station to laurel administration detention ten days of punishment.Woman caught stealing fresh pork in supermarket On December 17, 2021, a local police station answered the police report that a woman stole fresh pork while shopping in a supermarket.After receiving the alarm, the branch police station rushed to the scene.According to the investigation, a woman surnamed Chen (45) stole fresh pork worth 28.5 yuan from wanwanfu Supermarket in Fenlu Township at around 10 a.m. on May 17. She was about to leave the supermarket when she was caught and arrested by the supermarket staff.The police took the suspect Chen to the police station investigation in accordance with the law, in front of witness and monitoring information, Chen truthfully explained the theft of illegal facts, and actively to the victim to return compensation, obtain the understanding of the victim.Another find out, From December 13 to December 16 during the period, Chen has three times to ten thousand blessing supermarket theft pork, snacks and other items.According to relevant legal provisions, the police station gives Chen administrative detention punishment in accordance with the law.On September 10, 2021, huang Chengjun, Dai Mingquan, Ao Guang and other policemen of the branch police station were on patrol in the area under their jurisdiction when they suddenly found a man surnamed Zhang trading in the dangerous substance nitrous oxide.The police launched an investigation in accordance with the law.After investigation, it was learned that during August 20, 2021 to September 9, 2021, Zhang mou and Yu mou in Jiangxi province, a strange man at the price of 1,500 yuan per bottle to buy five bottles of large cans of nitrous oxide storage, transported to Zhang’s home, small bottles of packaging, and then sold to others at the price of 40 yuan to 70 yuan per vial.After handling the case police provide multiple witnesses, physical evidence, Zhang, Yu confessed to his illegal trading of dangerous substances illegal facts.Police carry on administrative detention to zhang mou, Yu Mou lawfully.