Why Hong Kong people don’t play new shares

2022-06-14 0 By

Hong Kong investors’ lack of enthusiasm for new listings also has something to do with their caution about new economy companies.In fact, Hong Kong people also issue new shares, but not as enthusiastic as a-share investors, because Hong Kong stocks are more mature, investors pay more attention to value investment and technical analysis, most will only buy their favorite new shares.1. There are two ways to participate in IPO issuance: online subscription and offline subscription. Since the issuance of new IPO rules in 2016, online issuance of new shares accounted for about 90% of the total number of new shares issued, while offline issuance accounted for about 10%.Those who undertake net explain buy is ordinary retail investor, those who undertake net explain buy basically have 3 kinds: it is public raise fund and social security fund, 2 it is enterprise annuity and insurance, 3 it is private placement, individual and other investor.Retail besides participate in net explain buy, also can participate in net below explain buy.Making new shares has become one of the important choices for many shareholders.Compared with the large fluctuations of the secondary market stocks, the strong performance of the new shares “make no loss.”However, as more and more people participate in the “hit new”, the success rate of new shares is also lower and lower, some popular varieties even lower than the lottery success rate.Investors who subscribe may not realize that the money you spend on subscribing to new shares has a time cost.From purchase to thaw, funds are frozen for three days, during the period of interest, although not much, but compared to the purchase of lottery tickets, or very considerable.3. Hong Kong stocks play new, it is really very hard luck, the pursuit of high success rate, in order to cover the cost.The Hong Kong stock market is not an A-share market.Moreover, the pattern of financial markets is a zero-sum game in which big fish eat small fish and small fish eat shrimp.The cost of rebranding is an important consideration.Hit new formalities cost, financing rate and so on, should seriously consider.If it is financing purchase, we must choose the appropriate financing amount according to the market heat, expected success rate and so on.