Tianjin public security organs continue to ban fireworks

2022-06-14 0 By

In order to ensure that the people spend a safe and peaceful Spring Festival, in recent days, tianjin public Security organs, in accordance with the deployment of the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal government, continue to maintain high-level duty mode, adhere to the front-line duty, coordination and linkage, to promote the ban on fire and discharge work.On the eve of the Spring Festival, the Municipal Public Security Bureau held two video dispatching meetings to make arrangements and put forward clear requirements for the work of banning burning and releasing.During this period, leaders at all levels took command from the front, and public security organs at all levels actively organized grid members and volunteers to participate in propaganda and guard work of prohibition and release together with street and town governments.A total of 13,000 police officers were mobilized, and 34,000 street and town officials, grid workers and volunteers were mobilized to carry out round-the-clock guard.More than 6,500 security guards and street grid workers were organized to carry out the propaganda and dissuasion of the ban on burning and releasing in the residential areas.At the same time, 62 police supervision and inspection teams were dispatched to each district to carry out supervision and inspection and promote the implementation of various work measures.In order to strengthen the publicity and guidance and create a strong atmosphere for banning fireworks, the public security organs and the news media continue to carry out publicity and guidance for banning fireworks. The “Ping ‘an Tianjin” new media matrix is used to broadcast publicity tips and expose the typical cases of the public security organs investigating and handling illegal transportation, storage and discharge in a timely manner.Up to now, more than 2,300 cases of illegal discharge have been dissuaded, stopped and punished, and more than 990 boxes of fireworks and firecrackers have been confiscated.The public security organs urged the general public to strictly abide by the ban, civilized and safe festivals, and jointly create a green, civilized and safe festival atmosphere.Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: newmedia@xxcb.cn