Cili: Hold a “key minority” group heart-to-heart talk

2022-06-14 0 By

Hunan court on February 7th afternoon, cili county party secretary, President of the people’s court QuPing chaired a “key a few” collective heart-to-heart talk conversation, the court of the province party to build a clean government and anti-corruption work video conference spirit to convey, and then study, points out present problems of seven classes the floor, clear the launching of “five gripper”.All team members and department heads attend the meeting.The meeting fully affirmed the good achievements of the college in 2021, and pointed out the existing seven types of problems, such as low political standing, insufficient work passion, poor judicial performance, insufficient responsibility implementation, weak innovation, lax team management, and inaccurate assessment and evaluation.The meeting called for the court to grasp the “five levers” to promote the high-quality development of cili Court’s work.First, we should pay close attention to the positive style and discipline, and continue to consolidate the achievements of troop education rectification;Second, we must pay close attention to political development and unswervingly follow the Party’s advice.Third, we should pay close attention to the main responsibilities and duties and provide high-level judicial services for high-quality development.Fourthly, pay close attention to team management and firmly hold the bottom line of “four not out”;Fifth, we must pay close attention to pressure transmission and resolutely shoulder the leadership responsibility of “one post and two responsibilities”.The meeting stressed that the police officers of the Academy should keep a firm political direction, maintain political resolve, and constantly deepen efforts to improve party conduct, clean government and fight corruption.Dare to face up to the problem, courageously, constantly improve the judicial ability and trial quality and efficiency, convergence of the new era of vigorous and progressive judicial flood, for the county’s high-quality development escort.