After retirement, please quietly do a sober fool

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Shakespeare said, “The best plays are but a miniature of life.”Life is the stage, the way to live is the script, we are all in the live broadcast, there is no redo.Everyone in their own stage, the interpretation of their own sour, sweet, bitter and hot.Life and death is a play, joys and sorrows of life.After retirement, suddenly look back, found that round and round, their efforts to struggle for most of the life, only return to the family, is their own life.In order to live, in order to survive, we have to face others with masks of all colors, now to the rest of our lives, we have to learn to live a little guilty of their own.After retirement, please quietly do a sober fool, such a practice, neither give their old age life trouble, also won’t let others despise themselves.After retirement, facing children confused, less meddling in their life after we retire, the children will grow up and married, in the face of children’s things, we try to sober confused, do not interfere in their life at will.Don’t when the time comes, we old people pay energy, physical strength, financial resources, but also let the children dislike, even intervene too much, let the children’s marriage crisis.Sister Zhao in the community always felt that her son-in-law was not good, and she often said unkind things about her son-in-law in front of her daughter. After a long time, her son-in-law was unhappy and often quarreled with her daughter.Sister Zhao’s son-in-law is now the so-called “Phoenix male”, the family is not very good, their wedding house is sister Zhao’s family preparation, did not ask for bride price with the son-in-law, and the wedding is also sister Zhao’s family.In fact, a lot of these things now.But Sister Zhao always felt that her son-in-law was better to her parents than to her, so her attitude was not balanced. She called her son-in-law a “white eyed Wolf”, and after a long time, his son-in-law would certainly not want to.Sister Zhao’s daughter and son-in-law eventually divorced because she was too involved.Now the daughter left the child to sister Zhao husband and wife, alone far away to struggle for life.Sister Zhao regretted his original practice, but what is the use?Every family has this difficult to read, the things between the couple, as the elderly do not randomly intervene, not to pay, but also say so many unpleasant words, ultimately let their children unhappy.After retirement, we old people should learn to sober confused, occasionally remind their children that the day is theirs, let them live by themselves.After retirement, mind your own business and don’t let other people’s thoughts control your life. With more time after retirement, many people like to eat and drink together in cliques, thinking that this is the only way to live the rest of their lives.However, some people really want to make more old friends, while others just use the pretext to get benefits for themselves.Since her retirement, 54-year-old Sister Liu has been exercising, dancing and walking with others in the square, chatting with them and occasionally going on short group trips together.After a long time, Sister Liu felt that everyone in the team was so kind and amiable, and felt that she was really looking for the right team, and had a feeling of finding the old people’s home.But last year happened a thing, let her very angry, also very remorse.They often together sister Zhao said to her, this is not fast to the end of the year?The bank has a savings account where you can deposit $50,000 for a fancy cell phone.Sister Liu followed Sister Zhao went together, confused to follow the signature, transfer, get the phone, Sister Liu also feel very happy.Can discover after careful reading in the evening, what oneself buy is an insurance, still be the insurance of 10 years, put 50,000 ability to go regularly every year.She felt cheated, went to zhao Sister, want zhao sister to go to the bank to know the people said that the back.The second day said can return, but the need to deduct all kinds of complex poundage more than 1000 yuan.Sister Liu felt that she was too easy to be fooled, but fortunately she could return it, and even if she lost some money, she could buy a lesson.Don’t build your life based on what other people think. Believe everything they say. Think carefully.After retirement, husband and wife should learn to pretend to be deaf and dumb, just have a peaceful old age of life between husband and wife hand in hand went to retirement age, is also experienced some years of grinding, each other know each other’s temperament.Some old people after retirement, not only did not live a rich and colorful old life, but the old couple over more antagonism, not only the implementation of the life of the AA system, but also indifferent to each other.In fact, it is not easy for husband and wife to go to old age. After so many hardships, they go to the rest of their lives hand in hand. They need to treat each other well, which is the most beautiful sunset.Zhao, 63, and his 58-year-old wife are both retired and have nothing to do with their daughter’s children. All they need to do is live their old age.But Master Zhao belongs to a man with a wide range of friends, often invited to go out to drink and play cards.But master Zhao’s health is not good, his wife often with him, do not want him to go out drinking.Every time his wife was unhappy, Zhao lied to his friends, saying he had something to do and couldn’t get away.For a long time, others called Master Zhao “old tracheitis.”Master Zhao did not refute, but looked at his wife with a silly smile.He knew that his wife drank for his health.There are many men in life, as soon as they hear their wives manage themselves, they will come to anger, always say that they have been managed by their wives for a lifetime, they do not give freedom when they get old, they live a miserable life, make all kinds of terrible things, and finally it is the men themselves who suffer.In fact, after retirement, the couple should learn to play dumb with each other, tolerate each other, understand each other, as far as possible with each other to go hand in hand to the end, do not easily say that each other is not good, so that they will have a good old age life.Someone said: “Life is like a play, the difference is that some people play it into a comedy, some play it into a tragedy, and some play it into a farce, but the leading role is their own.”Life is always our own, we need to strive to interpret life into a comedy, that is to be a good old man in the new era of lifelong learning.After retirement, do not give up learning new knowledge, especially the current network knowledge, learn to apply a variety of small procedures, conducive to their own life, but also let the children rest assured that the old people’s day.Having experienced the baptism of time and wading through the river of time, we should learn to precipitate ourselves and live our own old age after retirement. We should not easily believe in high investment returns, nor interfere in the lives of our children. We should love each other with our wife and live a good life for the rest of our lives.Happiness is their own, to learn to control their own happy old life, do not be led by the nose.Author: Luxurious zen mind to pay attention to my words, into your heart.You have stories, I have tea, and we can talk about the rest of our lives.The illustrations are from the Internet.