A salary cap of 300 will save Chinese football?That’s impossible!Limit salary 500 thousand may be ok!

2022-06-14 0 By

As I expected, once the salary limit was implemented, it was the media who first opposed it!In the past ten years, Chinese football has developed abnormally. Clubs have blindly invested in it, and the media has definitely played a role in promoting it.Because only the club crazy money, each team’s “brand department” allocated to the media pr costs will be much more corresponding, they and the players are actually in the same pot to eat!The Chinese football pseudo professionalism of all speculative Chinese football enterprises should be nailed on the Chinese football history of humiliation column!Can’t save the New Deal next year, anyway, the policy of some association changes every year!Then set up a few more vice president, assistant coach and so on, player salary 3 million, vice president salary 20 million, so great.That’s what teams do anyway.