“334” building governance mode makes residents’ New Year’s flavor stronger and heart warmer

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Big river network news “you see me this building courtyard, big red lantern hang high!We had a good year!”When the resident builds east to say happily.On the afternoon of January 28, in jiaozuo City jiefang District post family courtyard, rows of red lanterns set off the snow in the community is particularly prosperous.Li Yanbing, director of the resident council of the post office, told reporters that on the 23rd day of the 12th month in the lunar calendar, residents and staff hung lanterns early to dress up the community in a full New Year flavor.What’s new is that residents are paying for the lanterns out of their own pockets.”This is organized by our residents council, party members take the lead, residents actively raise funds, purchase a batch of New Year decorations.”Li Yanbing said.It’s rare for residents to spruce up their neighborhoods out of their own pockets.Mention why everyone is willing to pay, Li Yanbing told reporters the reason.Jiaozuo Post Office staff family affiliated hospital, built for more than 20 years.As an old community, before the reconstruction, the hospital line is messy, backward supporting facilities, residents living environment is poor, difficult to manage.”The neighborhood was a wreck when it wasn’t renovated!It’s raining, it’s raining, it’s raining, it’s raining, it’s raining, it’s raining, it’s raining, it’s raining.Old people and children slip and fall.”Residents frowned when they mentioned the former post office.In recent years, in creating a national civilized city, to build a “delicate, quality of jiaozuo city” process, the liberated areas, and communities to “beautiful LouYuan” create the first “334 LouYuan consultation management mode”, find the combining site of the grass-roots party construction and services residents, walked out of a party as at the head of the new path of community governance LouYuan consultation.With the establishment of “Beautiful Building Courtyard” as an opportunity, the post office established the residents’ council, with the participation of party members and residents’ representatives, which changed the old appearance of the community and greatly improved the infrastructure.”In repairing the road surface in the community, the government contributed a large part of the money, and we members of the residents’ Council took the lead in raising funds and mobilized the residents.Everyone cooperated, and more than $8,000 was raised.”The road has been repaired, surveillance and street lights have been installed, the facade of the building has been refreshed…Residents saw the changes in the community, have taken the initiative to pay property fees.With the cost, the community invited the sanitation administrator, took away the garbage, put on the trash can, the community has become clean and tidy, look new.In the “residents’ discussion garden”, small neighborhood friction, large community development can be solved here.Come from this, dweller is discussed garden became party group aggregation point, in big event small situation, formed party member to take the lead actively, masses participate actively, building courtyard negotiates the officer atmosphere that manages.At present, pictures on the wall tell the spirit of post and telecommunications staff, and the photos before and after the transformation record the time when residents struggle for a better life. The residents who moved out of the community in the past because of the dirty and messy moved back, and the community has become more lively.”We often have activities now, including making zongzi and singing and dancing.These activities show the harmony of our hospital. We are like a family.”Song Baolai, who has lived here for several decades, said that the courtyard is now stronger and the people are warmer.(Zhai Huinan)