Zou Ping: New Age civilization practice station spend the New Year

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In order to create a happy and auspicious festive atmosphere, during the Spring Festival holiday, Bojadian Village, Handian Town, Zouping City actively carried out wonderful new era civilization practice activities, enrich the spiritual and cultural life of the masses, so that everyone deeply feel the thick festive atmosphere.Square dancing jump out wonderful New Year.On the stage of the new era civilization practice in The village of Handian Town, the village square dance enthusiasts are all in high spirits, wearing festive clothes, stepping on the dynamic beat, changing various formation with the rhythm of music, showing the cheerful and enthusiastic square dance.They use the most traditional form, dance out people’s happy mood, dance out people’s happy life.”We use square dance to express our New Year wishes to the villagers, and hope that in the New Year, jump out of health, jump out of happiness, jump out of a good figure.”This village villager Zhao Hongmei said happily.Yangko run donkey celebrate the Spring Festival.With the lively rhythm, stepping on the drums to celebrate, bo Jia Dian village cultural square colorful silk flying, twisting the festive Yangko dance, running the happy donkey, wonderful and beautiful folk programs, attracted the crowd cheering, for the villagers to welcome the Year of the Tiger Spring Festival taotie cultural feast, let everyone feel the thick flavor of the New Year.The village villager Xia Fangjun said that during the Spring Festival, the village actively carried out rich and colorful cultural activities, greatly enriched the cultural life of the villagers, so that the villagers at home to feast their eyes, enough eyes addiction.Taijiquan dance happiness beat.Melodic, vigorous plain music sounded, taijiquan enthusiasts wearing white taijiquan sports clothing, demeanor, slowly up, a move, a relaxation, sometimes such as flowing water, sometimes strong and powerful;A soft and rigid, a quiet movement in the interpretation of the exquisite tai Chi.Taijiquan enthusiasts celebrate the Spring Festival in their own way, conveying a healthy and harmonious new style of civilization and showing their spiritual outlook of loving life and pursuing health and happiness.The friendly game of chess is much more fun.In the chess and card room of the village committee, chess enthusiasts are rubbing their hands, eager to try, ready to get a good place in the competition.After the game began, the chessboard between chu river and Han, the two sides of the battle of wits and courage, soldiers will block, calm chess……The fierce battle situation attracted many onlookers.”Through the development of chess friendship games, chess enthusiasts in the village to meet friends, close the distance between the village cadres and the masses, the masses and the masses, and further enhance the sense of gain and happiness of the masses.”The village party branch secretary, village committee director Xia Shanglian said.Farmhouse bookstore flavor of the New Year is very strong.”During the Spring Festival holiday, I can sit in a farmhouse and read some books. I think this year has been very meaningful and fulfilling.”In the rural library of the village committee, many villagers read books in front of the bookshelf, full of books, the atmosphere is warm.”Villagers read a wide range of books, including party history knowledge, health and health preservation, and literature books. The farmhouse has become a ‘gas station’ for villagers.”The village new era civilization practice station full-time manager Zhao Deping said.Revive the children’s palace to increase learning.In order to enrich the children’s holiday life, in the first winter vacation after the implementation of the “double reduction” policy, wave slag village, relying on the new era civilization practice station, actively opened the village “Renaissance children’s Palace” winter vacation public welfare classroom, enrich the children’s spiritual and cultural life, let the children harvest knowledge in happiness.”The village revival Children’s Palace is really good, children can learn a lot of knowledge here, let us parents worry and peace of mind.””Said Shi Xiaoning, a parent of children in the village.Next, Handian town will accurately meet the needs of the masses, broaden the field of civilized practice, make full use of “speaking, commenting, helping, music, celebrate” and other civilized practice methods, deepen the practice of civilization in the new era, and effectively get through the “last kilometer” of publicity, education, care for the masses, and service for the masses.