These two Cangzhou people are wonderful!Jumping into an icy lake to save a drowning woman

2022-06-13 0 By

On February 8, the eighth day day a woman suddenly jump suning county people’s park lake suicide crisis park service staff Zheng Jinhuan security chief Zhao Chunying were rushed to the scene and dived into the cold lake YongJiu girls reported Zheng Jinhuan is drowning man 50 veterans after receiving alarm Zheng Jinhuan didn’t think much of a step just jumped off his foot to tried the water depth is not enough to the endFurther ahead is the deep water and in this case Zheng jinhuan swam behind the woman and grabbed her without causing any danger and headed upstream

Through our unremitting efforts, the successful people saved up another plunged into the lake to rescue security chief Zhao Chunying said at that time women in Zheng Jinhuan 10 meters far from the shore of the lake and his jump after even words all don’t say it feels cold lake special cold described do not go up to the cold woman was rescued with the help of the masses on the 120 ambulance Zheng Jinhuan and Zhao ChunyingAlso urged public room change clothes quickly source | mastery of cangzhou