How to make a super pumpkin: A pumpkin can’t become Cinderella’s carriage, but it can grow heavier than a car

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In people’s impression, pumpkin is a kind of ordinary vegetables, but in fairy tales, pumpkin can become a fairy to Cinderella’s carriage, and in reality, some people really can grow a car than a heavy super pumpkin (smart1500 jins).Every fall, a group of farmers in California gather for the super Pumpkin Grand Prix.These pumpkin aficionados have a particular penchant for large pumpkins, which they strive for when it comes to size and weight.According to the rules of the contest, the winning pumpkin gets 80 RMB per catty. From 12 years ago, the largest pumpkin has exceeded 1600 kg, and the 2011 super pumpkin won nearly 120,000 RMB for its owner David.Since 1986, the maximum weight of super pumpkins has increased 3.5 times, thanks to better growing techniques and the hard work of pumpkin enthusiasts.Most people will choose the Atlantic giant pumpkin as a breeding pumpkin, which can grow up to 44 pounds a day under certain conditions. In 2000, pumpkin enthusiasts used the seeds to grow a pumpkin weighing 1034 pounds, which broke the world record at the time.In 2009, David grew a pumpkin that weighed 1,290kg. Since 2011, contestants have weighed more than 1,600kg. The most recent record was broken by Stuart and Ian Paton, who grew a pumpkin that weighed more than 2,200kg.Growing big pumpkins is not a poor man’s game. Growing big pumpkins is expensive. In Ohio, a farmer named Don, 57, wants to grow the world’s largest super pumpkin.Although she is a gardening designer, she is fascinated by large pumpkins.He spends more than 50,000 yuan a year to grow large pumpkins, and his breeding room is bigger than his bedroom.His efforts paid off. A few years ago, his big pumpkin finally set the record for the largest pumpkin in Iowa and California respectively. He displayed his trophies and MEDALS in his room, and put the prize money into the big pumpkin planting experiment.But Don has a knack for growing super pumpkins. He created a double grafting method to grow large pumpkins. He grafted two pumpkin vines together, using both pumpkin roots to feed one large pumpkin.After years of research, he finally figured out how to graft two pumpkin vines onto a large pumpkin.During that time, he used more than 300 large seeds, which can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars each, and spent every day in the field, waking up in the middle of the night to observe the pumpkins.He installed nearly 100 sprinkler heads in the pumpkin patch, which uses more than 100,000 liters of water a month, enough for a family of three for a year and a half.In the early spring of each year, he turns on the lights on his newly bred pumpkin to warm up the soil, and in the sweltering summer, he turns on the air conditioner to cool it down. Don takes care of his pumpkin like a child.The history of growing giant pumpkins dates back to the late 1850s, when a farmer named Henry planted six seeds of the “Golden Paris Fat Pumpkin” in his garden. In just over four months, he had harvested four giant pumpkins weighing a total of 280 kilograms.Pumpkins look like gourds, but they actually belong to the gourd family. Over 8,000 years ago, people began to grow pumpkins. Over time, in addition to their edible value, many countries also carved pumpkins into jack-o-lanterns, used for decoration.Giant pumpkins actually originated from wild South American pumpkins called Atlantic pumpkins, which were a staple of the diet of giant sloths and elephants that brought them all over the Americas.People grow giant pumpkins because of their size and weight. Giant pumpkins are very watery and unpalatable. Some varieties of giant pumpkins cannot be eaten because they contain toxins.How do pumpkins grow so big?Is it difficult to grow a big pumpkin?Choosing the right seeds and applying the right fertilizer can make a giant pumpkin, but that alone is not enough to make a giant pumpkin, and pumpkin enthusiasts can forget about eating and sleeping.They spend thousands of dollars a year on soil analysis and plant analysis to determine whether nitrogen fertilizer will be applied and carbon dioxide sprayed on the leaves to speed up photosynthesis.In the early spring of each year, the strongest seeds are picked and soaked in warm water with hydrogen peroxide before being transplanted into fertilizer-filled soil.Choosing the right excellent pumpkin seeds means twice the result with half the effort, and the no.1 super pumpkin seeds can even be sold for 10,000 RMB each.To the pumpkin seed seedling is the final test, pumpkin seedlings will be placed under fluorescent lighting heating, good weather will also be in the outdoor sun, after a month, pumpkin seedlings will be transplanted to the outdoor land, above a good clean film cover, to increase temperature.Later, pumpkin aficionados select the healthiest stamens, brush pollen from them onto the pistils, and protect them from insects that pollinate them again, impairing their genetic purity.Finally, the pumpkins are pruned so that only one large pumpkin is left on each main vine. This meticulous care will grow into a giant pumpkin in the fall.Individual botanists have speculated that, according to the development rate of today’s planting technology, and pumpkin enthusiasts almost crazy planting enthusiasm, super pumpkin has been more than 100 times heavier than ordinary pumpkin, in the ideal state, super pumpkin in the future and may be more than 18,000 pounds.It’s odd that a giant pumpkin can grow to weigh more than a car, even though it doesn’t make a fairy tale wagon.The pictures are from the Internet and must be deleted.