Guizhou public security condoled 80 years old veteran, but accidentally found qiu Shaoyun’s photo, suddenly alerted the military commission

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Qiu Shaoyun comrade sacrificed his young life in the Korean battlefield, postwar memorial hall in order to commemorate the revolutionary hero, will be martyrs of the photos on display, but because Qiu Shaoyun comrade in the army without photos is quite a pity, can only be processed.But 64 years later, a photograph of Qiu shaoyun appeared in a relatively backward village.At that time, it attracted the attention of the Military commission and the media.This photo was found in Xinouba village, Papaya town, Guizhou province. Wang Fei, a local cadre, went to visit revolutionary veterans at home. He found qiu Shaoyun’s photo in the data taken out by Veteran Chen Dao-quan, and said it was not the same name as qiu Shaoyun.So is this photo real, and what is the connection between the veteran and Comrade Qiu Shaoyun?Qiu Shaoyun’s hometown is in a remote area of Tongliang County. In order to feed his children, his father worked several jobs at the same time, but he did not expect to meet a black boss. When Qiu Shaoyun was 9 years old, he was killed when he asked the boss for money.After his parents died, he was the oldest child in the family and had to support his younger siblings, but he always remembered what his father had taught him to be strong.So he was 13 years old to make a living for the younger brother and sister in the family, life is also exceptionally difficult.After Sichuan was liberated in 1949, he saw the benefits it brought to farmers and joined the PEOPLE’s Liberation Army, where he became a volunteer to fight against the United States and aid Korea in 1951.Before leaving, he specially left a letter home, said he wanted to defend the country, to come back to see them.But no one knew it was his farewell message to his family.Qiu Shaoyun just on the battlefield is a new recruit, inexperienced, but he with a belief to defend the country, against the enemy, the gun can not be used on the bayonet, the war after the mountain was leveled, soldiers one by one sacrifice, these experiences prompted him to more firm belief.In 1952, our volunteers and foreign enemies fought in shanggan Mountain.The task of comrade Qiu Shaoyun’s team is to conquer 391 Heights.As the 391 was surrounded by enemy fire and covered with open ground, the soldiers could only hide in the grass.Qiu shaoyun also applied for party membership before entering the battlefield.On the evening of October 11, Qiu shaoyun and his comrades tied weeds and hid in the grass only 600 meters away from the enemy.Can’t make any sound, all kinds of enemy reconnaissance equipment is running, once discovered, the consequences are very serious.So no one makes a sound, even though they are uncomfortable.But then the enemy threw the incendiary bomb burned to comrade Qiu Shaoyun, he in order to cover his comrades, endure the pain was burned alive.It is because of the death of Comrade Qiu Shaoyun, inspired the soldiers in the heart of the anger, will soon be 391 highland.He was later posthumously awarded many honors.Later, when we wanted to commend him, we found that there was no photo, but we could only draw the general appearance through everyone’s expression, and the photos of the memorial hall were also artificially processed.It wasn’t until 64 years later that the photo of Qiu Shaoyun came to life with the appearance of Chen Daobao.He and Comrade Qiu Shaoyun were on the Korean battlefield together, and in the same squad.Since they were both from Sichuan province, they were very friendly and became friends and often exchanged various things. However, later they were assigned to different companies and exchanged gifts at parting, so Comrade Qiu Shaoyun gave this picture to them.Chen said he was there when Qiu died and felt very sad, but he had to remain still.And the old man in the company, only he and the vice monitor survived.Later, this photo was hung in the memorial hall. When someone asked if it was real, the curator only said that he was still trying to identify it.However, through the analysis of the handwriting on the back of comrade Qiu Shaoyun’s autograph, it was found that the photo was true, which also proved the truth of Chen’s words. He and Comrade Qiu Shaoyun were former comrade-in-arms.In 2018, Mr. Chen Also passed away. Although Qiu Shaoyun and Mr. Chen are no longer here, their national integrity and revolutionary spirit are worth our admiration and learning.